The world is slowly catching up to car sharing, and Zipcar wants to be there to welcome it. As one of our lucky members, you can take advantage of Zipcar’s availability in 23 major metropolitan markets throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and Austria.

All you need to do is make a reservation where you want a car. No extra paperwork, no added charges, no hassle!

reserving a zipcar abroad

taking a UK zipcar abroad

zipcars at the airport

reserving a Zipcar abroad

First step is to get yourself logged into the website so you can see the reservation screen.

Click into the address / location bar to bring up more search options. Click again on "Cities" to bring up  a list of Zipcar countries and the cities in which we operate (your current city selection is highlighted in green). For this example we've decided to take a break in Barcelona and fancy going exploring outside the city. So click on "Barcelona" under Spain, then hit find cars. You'll notice that Zipcars are called Avancars in Spain, although different in name they operate exactly the same as Zipcars and can be unlocked using your Zipcard. 

Any available vehicles will be presented as a list, with the closest to your location at the top, moving further away from you as you scroll down the list. We recommend using the "find cars by location" tab at the top of the page to give you a map view of the location and where you are in relation to it. 

Unfortunately at this time you wont be able to search using a country specific post code, as the UK site will only recognise British postcodes. However, you can visit the country specific websites to do this - for Spain, for the USA, for Canada and for Austria (Spanish and Austrian sites are not available in English).

Once you're happy with your selection, click the Zipcar pin on the map and choose "reserve it" or press the reserve button on the listed section. 

At this stage you give your reservation the final check before confirming. Use the optional reservation memo to label your reservations and make reviewing your billing simple, for example "picnic in the Pyrenees". 

The above is your reservation confirmation that you should print out and keep with you. Note that the map will be centered around the Zipcar location, and make sure you check out the location images just above the map to familiarise yourself with where the Zipcar is parked. As well as the map, check out the vehicle details just below the car image, where you can see its number plate and colour. 

Remember that the Zipcar app will function just as well as it does in the UK. For tips on using your mobile app to book and find your vehicles - click here.

Congratulations, you've succesfully made a reservation in Barcelona. Now you just need to get to Barcelona! (We'll meet you in the Pyrenees!)

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taking a uk zipcar abroad

Fancy popping over to the continent? Our Zipcars love to travel, you'll just need the help of a ferry or a tunnel. 

To take your UK Zipcar overseas you'll need to give us at least 7 days notice prior to the start date of your reservation. This is so that we can arrange the required documentation and have a special check carried out on the vehicle by our Maintenance team.


There is a £20 charge that will apply which covers Extended European Breakdown Cover, Extended European Car Insurance, Vehicle on Hire (VOH) Certificate and Zipcar administration. If you change the start or end date(s) of your reservation once the VOH Certificate has been issued, there will be an additional £10 charge to have an updated copy issued.

required documentation

We will issue you with a Vehicle On Hire Certificate which acts as a substitute for the original registration documents of the vehicle and is written authorisation that you may take the Zipcar abroad. Because these are costly to issue, we will wait until 7 days prior to the booking before we create and issue the form (to allow for any potential reservation changes). We will email you to confirm the document has been sent, and in this email we will include a copy of our insurance certificate. When driving abroad you will always need to carry the VOH and insurance certificates along with your full driving licence and passport – this is required by law.

compulsory equipment

Depending on which country you are travelling to, you may need to purchase some extra equipment. We will email you a copy of the AA’s guide to compulsory equipment needed when driving in Europe. Most of this equipment is easily found at shops like Halfords. Should you need to put a GB sticker on the car, please place it as close to the rear number plate as possible. 



Please be aware that you will not be able to use our fuel cards to pay for petrol in Europe. However, please send us your VAT receipts and we will be happy to reimburse you.

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zipcars at the airport

Did you know that as a Zipcar member, you can reserve cars at 25 different airports worldwide (and counting)? Go from the aisle seat to the driver's seat without slowing down! We have locations accross the USA and at Heathrow and London City here in the UK. 

Find out all locations of Airport Zipcars here

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