ZipCar Member

Competition Terms & Conditions


General Terms

1.            This competition (the "Competition") is organized by Zipcar UK Inc. ("Zipcar UK") (Zipcar UK will be referred to herein as, "Zipcar") [Zipcar UK, Melbury House, 51 Wimbledon Hill Road, London, SW19 7QW].

2.            By entering into the Competition, the entrant agrees to be bound by:

(a)           these Terms and Conditions; and

(b)          any other requirements or instructions provided to the entrant at any stage by the Zipcar (via its Websites or otherwise);

(c)          Zipcar's privacy policy (Privacy Policy) and website terms and conditions (Terms of Use)

3.            The Entrant also agrees to:

(a)          receive email communications from Zipcar related to this Competition;

(b)          a grant of a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to Zipcar to use any material submitted as part of the Competition and any publicity materials generated as a result of the Competition.

4.            If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not enter the Competition.


5.            All entrants to the Competition must be at least 19 years of age at the date of entry and must comply with the following further eligibility requirements:

6.            Entrants must be current UK-resident Zipcar members based upon membership eligibility criteria as detailed here.

7.            This Competition excludes employees and their immediate families of Zipcar, any related company, and any other company or person connected with the organization or promotion of the Competition.

8.            Proof of current Zipcar membership is required before a prize winner can claim the prize. The eligibility of any entrant is at the sole discretion of Zipcar. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure they are current members and can provide any required evidence of their membership.


9.            Only one entry per person is permitted and anyone attempting to spam or otherwise evade this rule will be disqualified.

10.          To enter this competition, entrants are required to:

(a)          submit an entry (details set out below) via the Zipsters in Space app (the “App”) hosted at  from March 27th 2014 (“Start Date”) to midnight GMT on May 4th, 2014 (“Closing Date”).

(b)          Provide either the email address related to their account OR their Zipcard number at the time of entry

(c)          Agree to the communication terms as stated on the app at time of entry.

11.          All Competition entries must be made in accordance with these Terms and Competitions. Entries made otherwise will not be accepted.

12.          Zipcar accepts no responsibility or liability for any lost, delayed, damaged, or invalid entries.

13.          Zipcar will review all valid entries.


The Your Entry and Our Scoring Mechanism

14.          Zipcar will assign ‘badges’ based upon ‘activities’ members can undertake set out in paragraphs 10 a) to o) below; these ‘activities’ will be tracked using either Zipcar company data or data provided by Facebook/Twitter and awarded for the following actions:

(a)          Membership length in months: ‘Experience’;

(b)          Weekday (Mon-Fri) trips taken, historically (from Jan 1st 2012) and during the competition: ‘Weekday Tripper’;

(c)          Reservations taken within each vehicle type within the Zipcar UK fleet (from Jan 1st 2012 onwards): ‘Fleet’;

(d)          Friends referred to Zipcar using our online referral process: ‘Recruiter’;

(e)          Adding the word ‘Zipsternaut’ to a reservation comment: ‘Captain’s Log’;

(f)           Overnight rate bookings (Mon-Thur, 6pm-9am), historically (from Jan 1st 2012) and during the competition: ‘Night Owl’;

(g)          Having a partner added to a personal Zipcar account: ‘Team Player’;

(h)          Reserving a Zipcar in 2015 with booking valid throughout duration of competition: ‘Time Traveller’;

(i)            Reserving a Zipcar in a city other than your city of residence: ‘Interplanetary’;

(j)            Making a booking using one of the Zipcar mobile apps: ‘Tech Wizard’;

(k)          Having text extensions for reservations enabled: ‘Text Monkey’;

(l)            Sharing a photo taken during a Zipcar booking that clearly shows a member inside/next to or referencing a Zipcar on the Zipcar UK official Facebook page or tagging @ZipcarUK on Twitter with the hashtag #zipsternaut: ‘Photographer’;

(m)         Becoming a fan of the Zipcar UK official Facebook page by ‘liking’ it: ‘Supporter’;

(n)          Sharing a photo of yourself (i.e. the member), travelling by a form of transport other than motor vehicle, either on the Zipcar UK official Facebook page or on Twitter by tagging @ZipcarUK: ‘Urban Traveller’;

(o)          A number of additional actions which will be communicated via the Zipcar UK official Facebook page or @ZipcarUK Twitter handle, which are subject to the instructions and terms stated at the time: ‘Bonus Badges’.

15.          Zipcar reserves the right to modify/remove badges for specific entrants as it deems fit.


16. The Finalists

Two finalists will be announced on 5th May 2014.


17.          Choosing the finalists

Criteria for choosing the two (2) finalists are as follows:


            The first finalist

(a)          The first finalist will be the entrant who is first placed on the official Zipsters In Space leaderboard at midnight on May 4th 2014.


The second finalist

(b)          The second finalist will be the entrant who is drawn at random by Zipcar from those entrants placed 2nd-20th on the official Zipsters In Space leaderboard at midnight on May 4th 2014.


18.          If two (2) or more entrants are tied for first place, a random draw will be made among these entrants to determine the first placed finalist. A second random draw will then be made among all remaining entrants placed 1st-20th to determine the second finalist;

19.          Zipcar’s decision as to the two qualifying finalists will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.   


The Avatar

20.          The two finalists must be available to visit a central London location at some point during the period from 7th May 2014 until 18th May 2014 in order to have their 3D ‘Mini-You’ avatar created by iMakr.

21.          If a finalist not be available during the period stated above, or fails to confirm their availability by 9th May 2014, they will forgo the prize and a replacement will be randomly drawn from all remaining entrants placed 1st-20th on the leaderboard.


The Space Flight

22.          The two (2) finalists will take part in the ‘Space Flight’ to determine the winner of the ‘Main Prize’ and the ‘Runner-Up Prize’.

23.          ‘Space Flight’ details:

(a)             two (2) iMakr ‘Mini-You’ avatars will be attached to two separate capsules and launched to an approximate height of 31,000m using professional weather balloon equipment;

(b)             the capsule which returns and lands closest to the launch location will be deemed the overall winner.

24.          Zipcar reserves the right to delay, cancel or modify the nature of the ‘Space Flight’ at any time.


The Prizes

25.          The overall winner will receive the ‘Main Prize’; the second-placed finalist will receive the ‘Runner-Up Prize’, details of which are set out below:


The Main Prize

The ‘Main Prize’ consists of:

(a)             ‘One year’s free driving’, comprising a total value of £1200 driving credit transferred in twelve monthly installments of £100;

(b)             the ‘Mini-You’ avatar;

(c)             a copy of the Zipsters in Space flight video; and

(d)             a Zipsters in Space t-shirt.


The Runner-Up Prize

The ‘Runner-Up Prize’ consists of:

(a)             £100 driving credit;

(b)             the ‘Mini-You’ avatar;

(c)             a copy of the Zipsters in Space flight video; and

(d)             a Zipsters in Space t-shirt.


Additional Prizes

26.          Other prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition for one randomly selected entrant who has earnt a badge in each category and will be as follows:  

                        (a)           ‘Experience’: One ticket to the ‘Experience drive-in cinema’, plus driving credit up to the value of £24

                        (b)          ‘Weekday Tripper’: Two ‘Air-Born’ vouchers to Airkix indoor skydiving to be redeemed as required

(c)          ‘Fleet’: One ‘family membership’ to Royal Museums Greenwich valid for one year  

(d)          (d) ‘Recruiter’:  One partner added to your account free of membership charge, subject to standard terms of eligibility

(e)          ‘Captain’s Log’: One ‘Fisher space pen’

(f)           ‘Night Owl’: One Zodiac sign purchased in your name complete with authenticity certificate from  

(g)          ‘Team Player’: One free Zipcar membership for the recipient to gift to someone who meets the Zipcar membership eligibility requirements

(h)          ‘Time Traveller’: One Ostrich Pillow

(i)            ‘Interplanetary’: One TomTom Start Classic 3.5” SatNav

(j)            ‘Tech Wizard’: One Pebble Smartwatch in black with standard wristband

(k)          ‘Text Monkey’: One Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh Solar powered portable mobile charger

(l)            ‘Photographer’: 2 x adult tickets to the View at the Shard, London at a time decided by the recipient, subject to availability upon booking

(m)         ‘Supporter’: One Zipsters in Space t-shirt, available in small, medium or large

(n)          ‘Urban Traveller’: ‘Urban Traveller’: £25 Halfords gift voucher

(o)          ‘Bonus Badges’: A number of ad hoc prizes that will be made clear at the time of posting on our social media posts will be made available to win.

27.          The prizes are non-transferable and non-negotiable. No cash alternatives for the prize will be offered or provided.

28.          Zipcar reserves the right at its sole discretion, and without prior notice:

(a)          to substitute or vary the prizes (but will not substantially limit the availability or reduce the value of any prize) at any time prior to the prize being won; and

(b)          to cancel, postpone or vary the Competition, as Zipcar may deem necessary due to circumstances beyond its control or otherwise.

29.          Use or enjoyment of the prizes may be subject to further conditions or restrictions, which will be notified to you as applicable.

30.          This is a free entry competition for Zipcar UK resident members. But if applicable, any individual costs incurred by entrants in entering into this Competition or using or enjoying a prize, such as taxes, administrative, booking costs or insurances related to car hire costs (unless specifically stated otherwise) shall be paid by the entrants.

31.          The prize-winners will be notified by email or telephone at the latest by May 7th, 2014.


Data Privacy


32.          The following data will be made public on the competition leaderboard, located at [URL], for the twenty highest-scoring entrants:

(a)          Zipcard number;

(b)          total score;

(c)          first name;

(d)          first letter of surname.

The following data will be made public on the competition scoreboard, located at, for all entrants:

            (a)           Zipcard number;

            (b)           total score;

            (c)           specific competition badges attained.  


33.          Zipcar's decision as to any aspect of the Competition or these Terms and Conditions is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

34.          The terms and conditions of any third party supplier involved in this Competition and the prize may apply and must be accepted and complied with by the prize winner to claim the prize.

35.          Subject to clause 36 below and so far as permitted by law, Zipcar (and its licensors, affiliates, or promotion partners) excludes all liability for any of following, under any circumstances:

(a)                    any direct or indirect damages or losses (whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) breach of statutory duty or otherwise) suffered by an entrant as a result of their participation, or inability to participate, in the Competition;

(b)        the entrant's costs incurred in taking part in the Competition; and

(c)        Liability arising under any implied warranties, conditions and representations, which are excluded from these Terms and Conditions to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law.

36.          Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits or excludes, or will be deemed to limit or exclude, Zipcar's liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, death or personal injury caused by its negligence or liability that may not otherwise be limited or excluded by law.

37.          If any of these terms in these Terms and Conditions should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then such term shall be deleted from these Terms and Conditions, and the remaining terms shall survive and remain in full force and effect.

38.          These terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law. Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.