Introducing ZIPR

People say that driving can sometimes be a solitary activity. And though we at Zipcar are always encouraging our members to share their experience with friends, it doesn’t always work out that way – especially if you’re just popping out to the shops.

Well now there is a brand new, exciting way to spice up your daily drive – 'ZIPR', the new drive’n’date App from the wizards at Zipcar Labs!


About the APP

You may have heard of Grindr, you may have heard of Tinder, but soon they will all be eclipsed by those driving with their ZIPR open.

Over the last 6 years we’ve been working in conjunction with the Psychological Automotive Practice to determine the characteristics our members display in their choice of vehicle, and how they use the service. These extensive findings have both informed the inner workings and led to the creation of a soon to be market-leading dating app with a unique difference. Using the latest from the Facial Attraction Recognition Technology, we’ve been able to use our in-car pin-hole cameras to find matches for every member in our database.

By opening your ZIPR upon reaching your Zipcar, your icon will display on a live map for all other members with an open ZIPR account to see. Members can then message each other directly, flirt with specially designed automotive-themed emoticons or just cruise past and check you out. Meetings can be arranged, bookings extended accordingly and love will begin to spread!

Every member will have their own profile within which they can update their profile photo, create a personalised space which tells other ZIPR members all about them, what they like, what they’re looking for, and of course it contains all the matches that our expert Psychologist, Dr Randolph Carter, has determined for our members.

Facial Attraction Recognition Technology

The latest piece of market-leading technology yet to be purchased by Mark Zuckerberg represents a ground-breaking new leap in mobile dating and Zipcar are proud to announce that we’re the first to bring it to the public.

Our in-car pinhole cameras have allowed us to use this new technology to create matches with a 94% level of accuracy based on the leading research from ‘Guess Hu’ – the world leader in facial cross-referencing, and a combined decade of work from the Automotive Psychology Research Institute Leeds and their Facial Optical Observation Learning faculty. Our Beta testing has so far borne out this degree of accuracy however we expect this to increase with volume as the App goes public in the coming weeks.

You can choose your best in-car photo from our files or upload your own

If our scientific matches don’t rev your engine though, you can find your own or even use the ‘Search by eye’ function. By snapshotting member’s eyes as they appear in the rear-view mirror, the same recognition technology can be used to identify other members with a similar ‘sparkle’. So tap that app and get started!

The eyes have it! 'Search by eye' is the latest in Facial Attraction Recognition Technology


Psychological Automotive Practice

Dr Randolph Carter from the University of Miskatonic, Massachusetts has spent years working and travelling within the realms of the psychology of attraction. His work informs many of the current, leading dating websites and he continues to be highly sought after. The launch of ZIPR coincides with the release of his new book “Driving with your ZIPR open: the mobile dating revolution”.

Full details are contained on your profile pages, but here is a snapshot from his research:



Don’t worry though, it’s not just love for love’s sake - The first ZIPR couple to result in marriage will also win an all-paid-for wedding! The wedding will be provided and arranged courtesy of Lovecraftian Wedding Services and the prize pot also includes a free car and fuel for your trip, lifetime membership to the Perishable Foodstuffs Preservation Society – with full access to their member’s club in Sloane Square, a limited edition box of misprinted stickers and an all expenses paid honeymoon in the sleepy seaside town of Innsmouth (including diving lessons in the bay!).


Its time to open your ZIPR

A profile has already been created for you. To access your ZIPR account straight away, ask any questions or just to find out more:

Please click here.

By accessing your ZIPR account you will be able to change your profile photo, update your profile information and status, choose a ‘handle’, or opt out of the service completely.

CLICK HERE now to get started and release the ZIPR..



Our Beta testers enjoying themselves


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