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The Water Delivery Company has partnered with Zipcar to give your business a free business membership for a year (usually £99 ex. VAT). Since 2008, Zipcar has provided The Water Delivery Company with Zipvans by the hour for their delivery routes and Zipcars for meetings. There are four key benefits which make Zipcar a great fit for their business-



Over the last five years The Water Delivery Company has reduced its transportation costs by 35% by using Zipcar and in the process been able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.


All-inclusive hourly business rates, which include fuel, Congestion Charge, insurance, and 40 free miles, take the hassle out of fleet management.


No fixed costs and vehicles available on 'pay as you go' basis mean that Zipcar enables The Water Delivery Company to meet seasonal demand.


On-demand access to a fleet of over 1500 vehicles in London, with many just around the corner for whenever they need. Find your nearest.


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