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welcome to the electric revolution

introducing the new vw e-Golf

Electrify your next A to B with Zipcar Flex

Image of Zipcar VW e-Golf
  • We're bringing you the future, today.
  • Introducing the new Volkswagen e-Golf.
  • In 2018 we're adding 325 to the Zipcar Flex fleet, making EVs more accessible and affordable for Londoners than ever before.
  • Available for just 31p/min, capped at £14/hour.
  • Each with a real world range of 124 miles, charged by us ready for you to drive.
  • Perfectly suited for one-way trips around the city, with zero tail-pipe emissions.
  • Not a member? Join for free and drive the electric revolution today.

electrify your next one-way trip

Zipcar App with Blue Pin for Flex

choose Flex

We take care of all the charging of the e-Golfs, so you only need to pick up and drop off according to the normal Flex parking rules.

Charge level and range for the VW e-Golf

check the range

The VW e-Golf has a real world range of 124 miles. Check the charge level and range in the app to ensure you can reach your destination.

Drive for just 31p per minute

get going

Take the VW e-Golf for just 31p/min, capped at £14/hour. Enjoy CarPlay and Android Auto on the go too!

Charging station

easy drop off

We take care of charging all the e-Golfs, so you only need to pick up and drop off according to the normal Flex parking rules. Easy.

our vision for london 2025

800,000 londoners embracing fully electric car-sharing, delivering significant benefits to the capital

9,000 shared electric cars

9,000 shared electric cars

Serving the full range of needs for Londoners, all with zero tail-pipe emissions.

120,000 fewer private cars

120,000 fewer private cars

Removed from our roads as a result of car sharing members selling or foregoing the purchase of their own cars.

821 million fewer miles

821 million fewer miles

Driven every year thanks to the combination of private cars removed from the road and car sharers driven fewer miles as they cycle, walk and use public transport more than average Londoners.

160,000 tonnes of CO2 saved

160,000 tonnes of CO2

Saved every year thanks to the switch away from 120,000 private to 9,000 shared electric cars.

we charge it. you drive it.

We're making pure EV driving more accessible than ever before

Zipcar charging a VW e-Golf

Getting comfortable with EV driving in the e-Golf

What should you expect when driving our electric cars?

We do the charging, so there's no plugging in required
Right now, we don't think there are enough publicly available charging points around the city to expect our members to find one at the end of every Flex trip. So until a time when the charging network is ubiquitous and open, we'll be topping up our e-Golfs overnight at rapid chargers across London. All you need to do is check the range in the app when making a reservation so you know you can get where you need to.

When you turn the key, there's no engine noise
Don't worry, it's only spooky the first time and the car helpfully 'chimes' when the car is started and the dashboard lights up showing you the charge level and range.


Watch the launch video

together we're electrifying london

and expanding our innovative partnership

Zipcar Flex | Electrified by Volkswagen

Delivering the change London needs, today

Building on our relationship that goes all the way back to 2007, Zipcar's partnership with Volkswagen UK is now transforming the way Londoners can access and experience electric driving across the capital.

London's electric progress has been, to date, frustratingly slow. Today's vehicle volume is considered too low to justify the scale of investment required to make electric both affordable and accessible for most Londoners.

Yet without the right infrastructure, uptake can't properly take off. We're stuck in a cycle of inactivity.

We both think London deserves better. London needs electric, now.

Thanks to this shared vision we're excited to be driving meaningful change by democratising access to affordable electric cars and sparking the city's electric revolution. Join in today.