Cheap car sharing in Lewisham – The Alternative to Car Hire

Cheap car sharing in Lewisham – The Alternative to Car Hire

Lewisham is one of capital’s best boroughs combining culture, food and wide open spaces. There’s plenty to do no matter what your interests are so it’s a great place for a drive about out on your own or with the family. If you’re after somewhere that will keep everyone happy, Lewisham is a safe bet. That’s why using our cheap car sharing in Lewisham is the perfect choice for exploring the borough or even for escaping the city all together.

If you’re looking to do some exploring around Lewisham or want to get out of the city for the day, Zipcar is a great choice. Lewisham is home to some excellent places worth visiting. The Horniman Museum in Forest Hill is easily accessible with a short car hire trip.

Where to rent a Zipcar

Lewisham certainly isn’t lacking in Zipcars, so you don’t have to worry about going too far to find one that’s suitable.

Starting from Lewisham station, there are Zipcars located a brisk walk in a number of directions meaning you won’t waste much time getting your trip started. If you’re out in Forest Hill there is a Zipcar just outside the station, and one also outside Catford station. Brockley Station also has two Zipcars in close proximity, while starting in Blackheath is easy with one just a short walk down the road from the station adjacent to the huge park.

To make your journey as simple as possible, you’ll want to find the closest Zipcar to where you are. You can use the website or app for this and book out the chosen vehicle when you’ve found it. To get on your way all you need to do is make the short trip to where it’s parked and unlock the doors with your membership card of the app itself. That’s it, you’re ready to go.

Why Choose Zipcar

  • Zipcar is a car cub - the world's leading car club network currently operating in London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge and Maidstone (and another 50+ cities across Europe and North America).
  • Joining Zipcar gives you access to the car or van you need when you need it, perfectly maintained but with none of the hassle or expense of ownership.
  • Zipcar is far simpler and more convenient than conventional car hire. Once a member, when you need a car, just choose your make and model from the great selection parked around your local area; get in and drive off.
  • "One Zipcar helps take 17 privately owned vehicles off the road in the UK."*
    *Source: Carplus Annual Survey of Car Clubs 2013/14 (London)

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

4 Simple Steps to Zipcar Freedom

Things to do

We all want the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. For occasional drivers and those who can’t justify buying a car, Zipcar’s car club is the perfect solution. It’s affordable and flexible so no matter what task or adventure is at hand, you’ll be able to do it with ease.

Lewisham is home to some excellent places worth visiting. The Horniman Museum in Forest Hill is easily accessible with a short term car or van hire, with parking nearby and lots to offer. It has an ever changing set of exhibitions along with galleries, an aquarium and beautiful gardens. It even hosts a weekly farmer’s market so you can load up your car with some tasty food after you’ve soaked up some local culture.

If you’re in the mood for some nature, hop into your Zipcar and head to Catford. Here you’ll find Mountsfield Park, a beautiful piece of greenery. There’s an ornamental garden and a meadow area perfect for a picnic. You could also have a kick-about with the kids before resting up at the café for some hard-earned refreshment.

Brockley is also an excellent place to visit. It’s got a lot going on with a superb selection of vibrant coffee shops, whilst it has its own park called Hilly Fields where you can take advantage of the bowling green, tennis courts and cricket pitch. Brockley also boasts its own food market which takes place every Saturday. It’s a perfect district for a car trip, especially if you want to stock up on some top quality local produce.

If you enjoy your music, you could drive yourself down to Blackheath Halls. There are regular concerts staged here ranging from classical to pop music, whilst it claims to be London’s oldest surviving purpose-built cultural venue. If you’re after more than a gig in Blackheath there is also a beautiful park in the district along with a great selection of restaurants.

If you want to go beyond London, then Sevenoaks is a great place to head in your Zipcar. Situated just 40 minutes from Lewisham, here you can breathe some fresh air while strolling through Knole Park or you can hit the local golf course for a relaxed day of sport. Sevenoaks itself is also a great place to do a bit of shopping a grab a bite to eat.

Zipcar’s service is for all those times you had great ideas or unexpected emergencies and were faced with difficulties when trying to do something about them. Our service means you won’t have to deal with that ever again.


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