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We're confident that we can help change the way your business looks at transportation. We may not be the suit-wearing types (maybe you aren't either), but we've been watching the macro trends, keeping an ear to the wall, and tracking patterns in business transportation. What we've found is that the face of business is changing. Cabs are costly, rentals are inconvenient, and at the end of the day all any one is looking for is a viable, sustainable, and cost effective way to get from A to B.

The advertising biz moves fast. And with Zipcar, so much better.

Hill Holliday – Boston, MA & New York, NY

CEO, Mike Sheehan, of Hill Holliday advertising says, "We've tried car services, rental companies and trains for local transportation. Nothing compares to the flexibility and convenience of Zipcar." The biggest appeal? "Our employees love being able to travel on their own schedule, and we're floored by the 80% savings." read full
Wheels are always turning
As one of New England's largest agencies, Hill Holliday teams are always on the go. Plus with offices in Boston, New York and South Carolina, on-demand client meetings and all-nighter pitches, having wheels at the ready makes the hustle and bustle of the biz much easier. "Having Zipcars less than a three-minute walk from our downtown offices is a real strategic advantage," Mike says. And more fun, he adds, "It's a real kick to drive to a Dunkin' Donuts meeting in a MINI Cooper."

Crunching (tasty) numbers 
As many as 75 Hill Holliday employees use a Zipcar 3.5 times a week on average–about 180 times per year. With an average trip lasting five hours, Mike's finance team figured out they would spend roughly $43,000 with a traditional livery service. With Zipcar, the costs go down to just $6,500. The 80% savings speaks volumes. Add that to the flexibility, convenience, fun and "green" factor of their Zipcar for Business account, and moving at the pace of advertising ain't so bad.

Zipcar, a huge hit for radio network

Clear Channel Radio Network – New York, NY

"Zipcar has allowed our sales department to make sales calls anytime, anywhere, without much advanced notice or planning," says Kristina Johnson of Clear Channel Radio Network. She lauds the car-sharing service by saying, "The convenience of Zipcar makes it easier than ever to strike while the iron is hot."  read full
Giving a sales force the power to move freely
Kristina recalls life at Clear Channel before Zipcar. Her sales staff had to be creative about getting to sales appointments. They'd borrow one of the few promotion vehicles, use personal cars and hassle with the expense of city parking or juggle the schedules of public transportation. Kristina remarked, "This process [was] practically impossible for the busy executive who can only fit you in at a moment's notice or for the client who needs to juggle the meeting around a bit and change times/dates often."

When Zipcar was first introduced to staff, the difference in ease and flexibility became the no-brainer answer to their previous sales call woes. Clear Channel employees noticeably increased their usage and Kristina immediately realized the value of a Zipcar for business account.

Boosting productivity and employee spirits
Giving the sales team worry-free mobility resulted in better client relationships and relief for employees. "Clear Channel employees are loving the extremely flexible and accommodating foot they can put forward to their clients by getting to them–face to face to face–at any time to make a pitch, show a presentation, or just communicate more personally."

The Zipcar corporate account brings in-house success as well. Kristina's team no longer has to worry about getting a car in time, parking, figuring out complicated travel arrangements and cumbersome reimbursements for car and travel related expenses. It's been keeping more than 50 sales representatives moving for over two years.

We asked for a quick sales pitch of the Zipcar advantage. "Quick, easy, convenient," were the first words that came to mind.  

How a Chairman of the Board describes Zipcar (in 140 characters or less)

Twitter – San Francisco, CA

"Zipcar is one of my favorite ways to get around San Francisco. Its simplicity, community, cost & crafted experience make it a joy to use." That's the "tweet" Jack Dorsey, founder and Chairman of the Board, sent us about why Twitter uses Zipcar. read full
Great minds shouldn't always have to think
"I appreciate services that you don't have to think about to use," said Jack. "Zipcar has made it easy to sign up, reserve and get a car, so you can go about your day." Zipcar simplicity means everyone at Twitter can get wheels when they want them, from a mobile phone or on the Web. But simplicity is only one of the keys to Twitter's and Zipcar's success.

There's time, money and travel. "We wanted to avoid the cost of taking taxis everywhere or the time delays of mass transit," said Jack. "Zipcar's the fastest, easiest way to get around town." And not only do the people of Twitter use Zipcar around their hometown of San Francisco, they use it when they travel to places like New York and Boston because Zipcar is available in more than 50 cities across the US and the UK.

A personal and philosophical proof of concept
When we asked how he learned about Zipcar and why he chose it for Twitter, Jack explains, "I used it personally. Because of that, I could recommend it on personal terms."

What does Zipcar have to do with a business philosophy? "It's a shared space, a shared resource," Jack noted, "And that can help reinforce best practices within our company. At Twitter we're all sharing a resource and working for the same goal." But Jack also described Zipcar in slightly less philosophical terms… in 3 quick words, "Simplicity. Craftsmanship. Value."

Zipcar is good to the last drop for this coffee company

Bicycle Coffee – San Francisco, CA

"Zipcar is not only the smartest and most effective alternative to owning a vehicle, but for our business, the only option that can work," says Brad Butler, Owner of Bicycle Coffee. He credits the car-sharing service as an instrumental part of their company's growth. "Bicycle Coffee Company grew 250% faster without having to worry about maintenance issues with its own vehicle. read full
Growing organically, delivering sustainably
As a sustainable company that uses alternative energy sources, Bicycle Coffee opposed car ownership, but still needed an easily accessible vehicle for business use. Brad found [custom:product-possessive] mission statement to be in line with their family's business values. Lower rates than the local competitor didn't hurt either.

"We run a coffee roasting and delivery company, where the roasted beans are delivered to offices and grocery stores by bicycle. However, our company has grown beyond our capacity to carry our beans from port to our hub for bicycle delivery." Clearly, they needed a solution for their growing business. Without Zipcar, Bicycle Coffee would have had to purchase a vehicle that would go largely unused. This went against their core value of sustainability, while also presenting prohibitive costs that could have prevented them from expanding.

Eco-friendly efficiency takes a load off employees' backs
Providing the delivery team with an efficient way to transport bulk orders from port to store helped Bicycle Coffee thrive. "We stopped having to take multiple trips and paying for multiple people on BART to carry hundreds of pounds of product in bags on our backs." Brad states that Bicycle Coffee Company has grown 250% since joining Zipcar, and that's only the beginning. "Before Zipcar, our company couldn't bring our product from port to the warehouse. Now we can grow without limitations."

The Zipcar account brings peace of mind as well. Brad's team no longer has to worry about parking on congested city streets and can take the car that fits their needs, whether it's a pick-up truck for a large order or a hybrid for a long-distance green delivery. This way, his team can focus on what makes their business unique: delicious coffee delivered by bicycle.     

legal services company files away $600/month

ATG LegalServe Inc. – Chicago, IL

Bob Rusch, Operations Manager at ATG LegalServe Inc. Services company, describes the biggest benefit of using Zipcar for business, "Convenience and price. The concept works perfectly." He adds, "Before Zipcar, our company couldn't meet the needs of our clients in a cost-effective manner, but now we are able to offer more services and reach more potential clients." read full
New Chicagoland company gets off the ground zipping
ATG LegalServe is a relatively new business that requires transportation at a moment's notice. Bob wanted an uncomplicated and cost-effective solution. "Our needs vary from one hour to many hours, and we were not interested in owning multiple vehicles which would mean having to pay for insurance, overnight parking and gas, etc." 

As Operations Manager, he needs to provide access to several vehicles at the same time–and different types of vehicles for various types of client meetings. Not only do ATG's employees love the convenience of nearby self-service locations, they love the choice of Volvos, BMWs, Toyotas and Hondas for both the personal preference and the options for a power lunch versus transporting documents. Plus, downtown locations mean employees can still have a car in the city without fighting traffic on the commute.

On top of less hassle and more flexibility, the company saves money by not having to reimburse employees for parking and mileage. Bob marvels at Zipcar's all-inclusive rates, "We save close to $600 a month using Zipcar." 

He sums up the decision to bring Zipcar on from the beginning as, "a no-brainer."

architectural firm takes fleet from 3 to zip

Shepley Bulfinch – Boston, MA

"Numbers tell a story," says Edward P. Hughes, CFO of Shepley Bulfinch, a company renowned for innovative, sustainable design solutions. "We used to lease three company cars," he went on, "but after looking at the cost it became obvious we shouldn't be in the car rental business." read full
Zipcar - a simple solution to driving down costs
Ed knew the designers and architects needed reliable transportation to and from job sites and client meetings, often at a moment's notice. Not to mention the flexibility to take vehicles that could carry architectural models. But the costs associated with company cars went beyond just leasing expenses. "Oil changes and regular maintenance costs add up," said Ed. 

In his search for a cost-effective solution, Ed found Zipcar. According to Ed, "We had a very good initial meeting about how Zipcar works and how it could benefit the company." With two cars about to come off of lease, they decided to try it. With Zipcar, they discovered a reliable way to get their employees to meetings and job sites, while eliminating insurance and maintenance expenses. And they gained other financial benefits as well, "We've cut the time my people used to spend tracking expenses and managing the company cars by 95%." 

Building client and principal satisfaction
As a leader in sustainable architectural concepts and technology, Shepley Bulfinch has also found Zipcar fits in well with its clients. "Many of our clients and staff are very sensitive to 'green' issues. With Zipcar we have the option of taking a Prius to meetings." 

All three of the company cars have now been replaced with Zipcars. And in Ed's words, "One of the principals who was concerned about getting rid of the fleet has become the most frequent user. He likes the MINI Cooper." 

We asked the CFO of Shepley Bulfinch for three words to sum up Zipcar. His reply? "Available. Cost-effective. Reliable."

a bike shop finds its 4 wheels

Urban AdvenTours – Boston, MA

"We're a green company and Zipcar gives us the flexibility to use a car whenever we need it, but without having to make any sort of commitment to the auto industry," says owner and Urban AdvenTours Chief Wheel Officer, Andrew Prescott. read full
Increasing visibility without sacrificing sustainability
Urban AdvenTours is an eco-friendly bike tour company in downtown Boston. Their crew has done all they can to spend as much time on two wheels instead of four, from commuting and running errands by bike to using a veggie-oil fueled BioBus for bike delivery. But every once in awhile, they just need a little extra room. Andrew admits that "we don't own cars, and we don't really want to, but sometimes a bike doesn't cut it." 

Urban AdvenTours is all over the Boston area, attending transportation fairs, open markets and tourism events–mostly by bike. But sometimes, they need to transport more supplies than can fit on a bike. Zipcar gives them the option to trade up to four wheels when two can't do the job. "Zipcar lets us attend more events than we'd be able to get to otherwise," Andrew notes. 

Taking tours further than ever before
Zipcar quickly allowed Urban AdvenTours to increase their visibility, without sacrificing their bike culture or green values. And Andrew is thrilled to find a company that shares their vision and commitment to sustainable transportation. "Our company account is easy to use and it gives my employees the freedom to run errands that we couldn't get done on bikes." And for the occasional long-distance tour, a Zipcar comes in handy as a follow vehicle for extra supplies. 

Urban AdvenTours is undoubtedly committed to business (and life) on two wheels. But when they can't rely on just their bikes, the Urban AdvenTours team can rely on Zipcar.

how to get a cast of characters around without driving yourself crazy

Improv Asylum – Boston, MA

"It's convenient, there's only one account to deal with, and there's an insane choice of cars nearby." That's what Norm Laviolette, co-founder of the Improv Asylum, award-winning comic, and savvy entrepreneur, had to say about using Zipcar for Business. read full
Running a comedy club is no joke
When the office staff, actors, comedians, set designers, writers (and even the props) of the Improv Asylum have to travel, they go in a Zipcar. It gives them a choice of vehicles - fuel-efficient cars for office errands around town and bigger vehicles when the whole cast needs to get somewhere. 

But they've got more sense than to use Zipcar for convenience or choice alone. "It's cost-effective," says Norm. "We used to use rental cars for weekend performances. While we haven't done a formal cost analysis yet, I know we're saving money with Zipcar. There's no car rental agency around here that will let you rent a car for a Friday night and not charge you for a second day." 

So how does Zipcar's service stand up?

"Good customer service is cutting out having to deal with customer service," says Norm. And that's been his experience with Zipcar. In his words, "It's hassle free." Of course, when they do need a question answered, they can call anytime or use the web. According to Norm, "My sales rep Becky is terrific." 

So which three words come to mind for a stand-up comedian/businessperson when asked to describe Zipcar? "Easy. Convenient. Close by."

caring for patients and commuters

Swedish Medical Center – Seattle, WA

"We have 7,000 employees commuting daily, including people in direct patient care who work shifts around the clock. Our goal is to eliminate single occupancy vehicles. But how can I convince them not to drive in, if I'm driving myself?" asked Karen Lee Kimber, Manager for Parking and Transportation for Swedish, a leading non-profit health care provider in the Greater Seattle area. read full
Leading by example and innovation
"I haven't driven to work regularly in 22 years. This really is my cause," said Karen. But she knows that doctors, nurses and staff need the flexibility to attend meetings and travel between hospitals whenever necessary. In her words, "A doctor can't say to the patient, 'Excuse me, I have to get to my car pool.'" 

That's why Swedish uses Zipcar. Now employees know they can get to where they need to be anytime, day or night. All they have to do is pick up the phone or go online to reserve a Zipcar and in minutes they're on their way. And Zipcar gives Karen the leverage she needs to convince virtually everyone to leave the car at home. "We have vice presidents who use it, nursing staff, and people in billing and HR." 

How to save spaces and money
Today, Karen manages five garages. No one needs to tell her about the time and expense of providing adequate parking. So it's good to know that every Zipcar can take 15 to 20 privately-owned cars off the road (national average). Cutting down on parking has the potential to save Swedish tens of thousands of dollars. 

But Zipcar does more than take pressure off the garages. Swedish lets employees use Zipcar for business and personal travel, which allows them to eliminate the hassle and expense of mileage reimbursements. So how does someone who has made alternative transportation her 'cause' describe Zipcar? "Easy. Convenient. Practical."

why Zipcar is a marketing director's best friend – Chicago, IL

"Rentals are a pain. There's the credit card, proof of insurance, and the license. It all seems to take hours. With Zipcar, you sign up once, get the card, and you're ready to go," said Paige Penningroth, marketing director of read full
The scoop on and Zipcar For, choosing Zipcar was all about ease, convenience and choice. In the words of Paige, the marketing director who does it all, "There are cars right down the street. The printer broke the other day and is one of company's lifelines; it was such a relief to book the Zipcar and drop it off. And I don't have to worry about parking." But the good people at, the company that markets biodegradable bags for picking up what the name implies, also use Zipcar for more than office errands. "We have to run to suppliers and sometimes you need a pickup truck to move large (or several) items all at once," said Paige. With Zipcar, they can go green with a hybrid or take a large vehicle when they need it. As Paige said, "Any way you look at it, you don't have to pay for insurance or gas. The burden is washed away from the company." What else is easy about Zipcar? "The Zipcar website is easy to use," said Paige, who also has experience with website design. "The site completely explained the pricing structure. It was right there in bulleted form." And that goes a long way to explain why Zipcar has an 89% customer satisfaction rating among small business members. So what three words would a marketing director use to promote Zipcar? "Easy-to-use. Convenient. Well-maintained."

getting around in style

lucy – Portland, OR

"Some days I run around a lot. We might have a press check in the morning and a photo shoot in the afternoon. Sometimes I only have a few moments before I'm off again," said Leslie Forness, Creative Services Production Manager for lucy Activewear – a fashion forward women's apparel company. read full
On the move, after the move
lucy designs apparel that inspires women to go the extra mile. And no one is more on the go than Leslie. "We moved to downtown Portland in April. It's a lot more fun and exciting to be here, but there's no parking." Even with a more central location, Leslie is out of the office more than ever. And when she's on the road, she takes Zipcar. 

"Zipcar is easy and convenient," said Leslie, "There are so many Zipcars around, and it works great." Using Zipcar also means that Leslie can keep taking the bus to work and then use Zipcar for company business. It eliminates parking and gas expenses, yet still gives her the freedom to travel whenever she needs to. 

Brands that fit
"Zipcar is brand right for lucy and vice versa," said Leslie. Both companies are concerned about the environment and committed to green solutions. That's why Leslie takes the Prius whenever possible. (She did mention that she didn't know how to start it the first time, but help was only a phone call away). "Zipcar's customer service is great," said Leslie. 

So how does an incredibly active Creative Services Production Manager describe Zipcar? "Easy. Convenient. Zippy."

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