P - F6S + £50

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love a good freebie? this is for you.

Try car sharing with no joining fee and £50 driving credit

your benefits

F6S members get access to great rates on Zipcar. Not only that, signing up now will also get you £25 worth of free driving and you can even add drivers for free

  • Access business rates, up to 29% cheaper than personal plans
  • One year membership for free
  • £50 driving credit
  • No sign up fee for additional drivers within the first 30 days of opening your account
  • Dedicated business support

get flexible across the Zipzone

The Zipzone is the blue area on the map where you can find & drop off cars with Zipcar Flex. Always use the app to check the exact operating area and to find your nearest Flex car. Top tip, blue pins for Flex, green for Roundtrip.

you are almost there

To get you zipping, enter your info below (if you are freelancer or self-employed, just enter your name for company name) and one of our friendly folks will be in touch.