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Zipcar for Business

Zipcar for Business offers discounted rates for weekday business driving, as well as flexible plans that work for you and your employees.

You can't always predict your day-to-day business needs. That's why Zipcar for Business offers discounted weekday-driving rates on our entire fleet – from hybrids and hatchbacks to family cars and vans. Whatever the occasion, there is a Zipcar.

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Joining fees

One-time acct. setup
75 USD
Each driver annual fee
35 USD

Boston rates from*

Monday - Friday
Hourly rates from
8.29 USD
7-to-7 Business
65.27 USD
Full day
75.97 USD

What's included

Up to 180 miles per day

Zipcar for Business offers two billing options.

Pick the one that serves your business best.

When setting up a new account, there is a one-time 75 USD sign-up fee. There are no application fees for drivers. Each driver's annual fee is 35 USD.

Direct Billed

Direct Billed accounts use one payment card for the entire account. This type of account is ideal for businesses overwhelmed by transport expense reports and taxi reimbursements. Reservation and account activity can be monitored online 24/7 with real-time access. Direct Billed accounts have the option of requiring employees to enter the purpose of each trip in a Mandatory Memo field, allowing you to monitor the account activity and usage.

Individually Billed

Individually Billed accounts allow each member to bill to a separate payment card (business or personal). This account is ideal for businesses with moderate transportation requirements and a commitment to supporting alternative transportation options for employees. Individually Billed accounts work with your existing reimbursement structure. Members have the flexibility of self-managing their accounts, as well as using them for business or pleasure. Memo fields allow members to organise their expenses.

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You can also join an existing Zipcar for Business account.

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