Resolutions Unzipped

With the start of every new year that age old mantra starts to sound out across the land; a New Year, a new you.

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Christmas unzipped

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun, and London is buzzing with activity! We’ve made a list of all of our Christmas musts, and a bit of insider advice on the best alternative places to do them to avoid the crowds:

Classic Mince Pie

No Christmas is complete without a mince pie! We love the giant pies at Brompton Food Market in Kensington. They’re buttery and boozy and full of spiced fruit, and we think they’re some of the best you’ll find anywhere!

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We love to discover new places, but if there’s one thing we’re guilty of, it’s not exploring our own backyard enough. To remedy this, a few of the team at Zipcar have decided to share their secret spots and local knowledge to create a set of guides for the ultimate day out in London, borough by borough.

We’re beginning with Hackney, one of London’s most vibrant boroughs. It includes visits to our favourite spots, locally owned businesses and the best part is that it’s completely walkable. 

11AM: Urban Farm

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A delicious protein shake from Scramble in London

At Zipcar, we’ve teamed up with a wide range of businesses as part of Zipcar for Business. From our own experience, we know that it takes a sheer amount of passion and determination required to start a new business, which is why we love working with local start-ups and getting to know the people behind them.

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Unlock London with the Zipcar App

Living in London teaches you to make the most of each and every sunny day, and that with the help of a smartphone and the app store, you can plan a day out at the touch of a button. So, when the sun made a rare appearance this week, a few of us in the Zipcar team knew we had to act fast. A day out of the office was cleared, and armed with just a smartphone, a camera, and a desire to be anywhere but indoors, we walked into the sunshine.

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"The Zipcar right outside our flat was booked during Monday's commute to work, and there was no going back – come the weekend, we were escaping this concrete jungle, seeking out fresh air, tranquillity and a oneness with nature."

Another weekend, another getaway in the Zipcar!  The poor Texan has been working like a dog lately, with late nights in the office on Fridays, and weekends ruined by endless meetings...

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"The Zipcar right outside our flat was booked during Monday's commute to work, and there was no going back – come the weekend, we were escaping this concrete jungle, seeking out fresh air, tranquillity and a oneness with nature."

Meet Cat, a Zipcar member and blogger extraodinaire who knows how to get out of the hustle and bustle of London life...

Are you thinking about getting out of the city? With our new bundle deals, it's now easier and cheaper than ever. For inspiration read on, or why not check out Cat's adventures at her blog Take Courage? We've even got a few trip ideas ourselves, check out Ziptours - our guide to lots of different adventures you can have outside of London.

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Here at Zipcar, we love to lend a helping hand.  In fact, we like to give a Big Hand.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Big Hand, it’s something we do at Zipcar: we choose three charities, and help support them by sending some of our troops over to them for some voluntary work. We asked you to suggest potential charities that we could partner with (of which you gave us over 50!) After we had a list of all our top candidates, we held an internal vote to decide which charities we would most like to help. These ended up being:

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Sure Zipcar does a smashing job of getting you from A to B, but did you know you can get more out of Zipcar than just cars and vans near you by the hour?

For example, that Zipcard in your wallet also unlocks discounts on products and places you love. From fresh coffee at your door from Pact to award-winning skincare from Bulldog, and the offers are constantly being updated. Plus if you’re visiting another Zipcar city you can access discounts there too (not just their Zipcars!). Check them all out here.

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Compare & Share

Zipcar members are well aware of the benefits of sharing rather than owning, at least when it comes to convenient on-street access to cars and vans. Now Compare & Share, the world’s first marketplace for sharing lets you search for sharing services near you. I spoke to Benita Matofska, Founder of Compare and Share to tell us a little more about what they do:

Zipcar: So who are you guys and what do you do?

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