St. Albans Cathedral (c) Anna Moskvina iStock/Thinkstock
An historic market town and Roman settlement in beautiful southern Hertfordshire, St Albans’ convenient location makes it a perfect retreat from the bustle of London life.
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Whether you’re planning a staycation this summer or simply looking for a stress-free daytrip outside of London, the small town of Woodstock in nearby Oxfordshire offers plenty of charms, from award-winning restaurants to country scenery and historical sites. Take a look at our day-trippers’ guide for the best of what to see in Woodstock…

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We couldn’t forget the Zipcars and members in other UK cities on our adventures, so this month the team and I took a Cambridge Zipcar out to see where we could zip to in a day in the East of England.

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An assorted selection of antique finds at Sunbury Market © Sunbury Market

"Just a few miles past Twickenham and Richmond, Sunbury Antiques Market is one of the London area’s best-kept secrets for top-notch antiques shopping," Tremayne from London city guide HG2 tells me. Read on to find out what you might find there, and what treasures are hidden nearby.

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A view of the glittering English Channel from the Kentish coastline © AvidlyAbide

"As much as London has to offer, one thing the city lacks is good, beachside relaxation. Luckily for city-dwellers, the historic Kentish coast, known and loved for its gorgeous vistas and local landmarks, is but a quick drive away." Tremayne from London city guide HG2 tells me. Read on to see how much fun there is to be had beside the seaside.

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Road trip to Kew in a Zipcar

"When living in such a vast and vibrant city like London, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole other world that exists outside the urban sprawl. In fact, you don’t have to go very far to find a little peace and quiet and a change of scenery," Tremayne from London city guide HG2 tells me. Read on for his review of a ziptrip to Kew

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Morden Hall Park in Croydon

"Just a short drive from Central London is the home and haven of Swedish household goods, IKEA Croydon. And the expedition – whether undertaken with childlike delight at the thought of filling the boot with flat pack furniture, or a touch of mild anxiety about spending an afternoon trawling around an aircraft hanger mispronouncing umlauted Swedish bookcases – is undoubtedly best approached with Zipvan Henrik in tow," Tremayne from London city guide HG2 tells me. Read on to reveal Croydon's secrets.

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