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"Being as passionate as we are about the positive impact of collaborative consumption, we at Zipcar are very proud to have partnered up with Meanwhile Space" says Asya Cahill of the Zipcar for Business team. Read on below as she explains just what it is that makes Meanwhile Space such an exciting new project for all of us here at Zipcar to be involved with. 

"Meanwhile Space is the pioneering social enterprise that utilises empty and underused buildings and space to create opportunities for people. These opportunities can be anything and everything from food growing spaces, to exhibitions, to space for designer-makers, music videos, popup shops or theatre performances. Usually, but not always, they involve the community or creative sectors accessing visible space that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, to bring vitality to an area, test new business ideas or deliver services for local people. We are therefore offering a first year free Zipcar for Business membership to all of their tenants, in order to add value and support the great work that Meanwhile Space are doing.

It all began when Emily Berwyn met Meanwhile Space's co-founder Eddie Bridgeman both working to support regeneration practitioners to share best practice. Both began to get interested in the potential of empty property and vacant sites during the development process and discovered there was a need for an organisation that enables, catalyses and pioneers activity to happen in vacant space. In 2009 they set about spreading the word on the potential opportunities that vacant spaces present, to anyone who would listen, through their work with Government on the Meanwhile Project.

Meanwhile Space has gone on to build their network of over 1500 members and directly supported over 250 occupants through activating 32 properties in Wembley, Whitechapel, Hastings, Luton, Northern Ireland, Willesden and Hoxton to name just a few places. They practice what they preach by operating themselves from meanwhile spaces, which means they have to move quickly and often. Emily tells us that ‘Zipcar facilitates us to be light on our feet, often having to shift equipment and materials across town at very short notice. As a small team we would be stuck without the flexibility Zipcar provides to just grab a van or a car and go, and it has certainly saved a lot of headaches over the years!’ " 

Are you looking for space to work, to get that new idea off the ground? Head to Meanwhile Space to get started.

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