Schloss Esterhazy Castle © Flickr user Dierk Schaefer
As an on-the-go Londoner who’s keen on exploring, you likely know your way around Zipcar’s local offerings. But did you also know you can zip around just as conveniently when abroad? With outposts across Europe, including in sunny, paradisiacal Barcelona and cultured, romantic Vienna, it’s just as simple to jump in a Zipcar and motor around the city’s top landmarks as it is here at home. 
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Kitesurfing © Alena Yakusheva/iStock/Thinkstock
Samuel Johnson once famously remarked that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” but we suspect his London was not as hectic or crowded as ours is today. 
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Photo of Zipcar for Business member & photographer Simon Sorted
Introducing Simon Sorted a photographer, director and a fellow Zipster! After starting photography as just a hobby, Simon soon gravitated towards the photography club at school. He quickly realised his future would be seen through a lens and so naturally progressed to studying photography at Staffordshire University.
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Jet Skiing near Theale © Flickr user whologwhy
Being landlocked in London can be a real bore sometimes; aside from the Thames (and let’s face it, we won’t be taking a dip in there any time soon) the city is a bit of an urban desert, and its residents are left pining for open water.
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Car Lite London

Our UK General Manager, Mark Walker, is passionate about improving urban mobility in our major cities. Below, he outlines the role car clubs can play in making London a more liveable city, and what we can all do to make the city a better place to live. Over to Mark...

Zipcar’s inner drive

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