Winechap Interview - Ten Cases
Given London’s hospitable environment for entrepreneurs and its flowering gastronomic scene, it’s no surprise that Tom Harrow calls the city home. Known professionally as the WineChap, he can be seen quaffing exciting vinos in bars across the city, helping personal collectors beef up their stocks, assisting restaurants with their wine lists – even leading decidedly off-kilter events like the naughty “Wines of Rapture” pairing class. We sat down with the WineChap for his insider tips on the best London wine menus, advice on how amateurs can navigate esoteric wine lists, and his favourite driving tips outside of the city. 
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Sissi's Gourmet Creations

In the lead up to Christmas, are you looking for that perfect caterer for your work party, or intimate dinner with friends? Our very own Asya Cahill has been talking with Zipcar for Business member, Sissi Fabulous Food Ltd, who deliver luxury events with excellent service, exquisite food and fantastic presentation. 

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Canterbury Houses (c) iStock/Thinkstock
Celebrated for its rich history and spectacular medieval architecture, Canterbury is deeply rooted in British tradition. But there’s more to this city than history: with fine eateries, scenic cruises along the Stour River, and a buzzing shopping scene, Canterbury offers a delightful ménage of ancient British custom and contemporary culture. The ideal destination for a London day trip with Zipcar, visit Canterbury and you’ll find pay-and-display parking dotted around town, as well as popular park-and-ride sites. 
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Save money with pay-as-you-live

If you’re a keen follower of everything Zipcar (admit it, we know you are!), you might remember that last year, we launched some research into the “Pay-As-You-Live” lifestyle. We looked at the emergence of a new generation of “smart consumers” who choose to hire or share goods and services – such as your trusty neighbourhood Zipcar – instead of purchasing and owning them outright.

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Photo credit: oatsy40, licensed under Flickr Creative Commons

More evidence (as if we needed it), that traditional car ownership is not the smartest transport solution if you live in a big city like London. Here at Zipcar, we’ve crunched the numbers and done some research** into the costs of car insurance around the country, and the findings aren’t pretty…

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Deja Vu Rose card

In a world where texts and tweets have the potential to put the age-old form of letter writing to an early grave, our friends over at OnlyRoses are doing their best to change all that, while giving back to the local community.

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Pallet Project Launch

"Being as passionate as we are about the positive impact of collaborative consumption, we at Zipcar are very proud to have partnered up with Meanwhile Space" says Asya Cahill of the Zipcar for Business team. Read on below as she explains just what it is that makes Meanwhile Space such an exciting new project for all of us here at Zipcar to be involved with. 

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Lewes Flea Market (c) John Stall
Picture it: a relaxed weekend trip, poking ’round a flea market for one-of-a-kind finds, plenty of scenery and locally sourced food. All of that can be found in the pretty town of Lewes in East Sussex. 
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