Harry Cole of the Natural Curtain Company

London is an exciting town, and for entrepreneurs the city is a thrilling place to start a business. As part of our ongoing interview series, we connected with Harry Cole, founder of the successful online retailer The Natural Curtain Company. Below, Harry shares the secret to his site’s success, his favourite drives, and why he’s a London foodie at heart.

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Whether you’re planning a staycation this summer or simply looking for a stress-free daytrip outside of London, the small town of Woodstock in nearby Oxfordshire offers plenty of charms, from award-winning restaurants to country scenery and historical sites. Take a look at our day-trippers’ guide for the best of what to see in Woodstock…

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Westfield Mall Stratford ©Shutterstock user Padmayogini

Shopping the high street in central London is often more trouble than it’s worth. Between the packed pavements, long queues, and lengthy strolls from store to store, it’s not always an appealing premise. What’s a Londoner seeking retail therapy to do?

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Black Maple

We all like to think we’re rock stars, but Zipcar band Black Maple actually are. (From left to right) Jim, Jay, Alec and Jon, aka Black Maple, regularly draw sell-out crowds (and it’s not always just Zipcar staff!).

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Sarah and Chris at the Glastonbury Disabled Campsite

Sarah Howard-Coles has been part of the Glastonbury festival for the past 14 years and a Zipcar member for just over 1. Here she shares her Glasto 2013 experience with us as a steward at the Disabled Campsite.

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Overnight Rates

Here at Zipcar, we’re always out and about, trying out all our different makes and models, and taking advantage of the open road, without the hassle of car ownership. Our colleague, Josh L. recently tried out Zipcar for an economical overnight trip, and here are his thoughts.

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Wembley & Brent Ikea (c) Shutterstock user Julius Kielaitis
"The Ikea shopping trip is a ritual every urban dweller knows well. Though some might dread the occasion (just try lugging a Granås dining set home with you on the tube), with Zipvan Henrik, and our London shopping guide, you can forget about the public transportation worries and spend more time sampling those shockingly cheap plates of gravy-doused meatballs in between long stretches of browsing." Read on for our shopping guide to Wembley and Brent Cross.

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Team Talents - Adrienne

We may not have dancing dogs or shadow dance troupes (yet!), but Zipcar’s definitely got talent. So we’re continuing our celebration of the team’s awesome abilities: this week I’ve been chatting to Adrienne S: HR co-ordinator and baker extraordinaire. So Adrienne, tell us what you can do.

AS: I bake. A little bit of everything but I particularly love decorating so I like to take on some fairly ambitious (sometimes much too ambitious) projects.

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The Team Group Shot

Back in May – a crew of students in Oxford decided to set themselves the crazy challenge of running from London to Rome.

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Meet the Audi A3

Continuing our little meet and greet with the Zipcar fleet, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Audi A3. He’s the classiest of all our Zipcars and will be sure to get you to that meeting, wedding or even just the shops in style. (But at only £7.50 an hour Monday-Friday, he’s luxury on a budget.)

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