Caddy Maxi

Zipcar would be nothing without two things: the members, and of course the Zipcars. So when our members said they’d like to know more about all the vehicles in the Zipcar fleet family we decided to put together a little online guide on driving them all.

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Fresh Recipes

With an abundance of delicious fruit and veg growing in the Zipcar Garden and the weather almost deciding it’s barbecue season (you’ll probably still need a brolly and jacket), I decided to ask the Zipcar foodies to get messy in the kitchen and create some yummy recipes – fresh from the Zipcar Garden.

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Treadmill Marathon

The thought of popping to the gym for a lunchtime jog sometimes feels like a bit too much effort for me, so when Chris Jackson told me he planned to run a treadmill marathon during a charity gala to raise cash for Women for Women I decided to put down my sandwich and see how we could help.

“How often is it when you come up with an idea and then when you try work out how to do it, it seems impossible?

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Google search box
The internet is currently buzzing with rumours of a new Google product called ‘Google Mine’, which will (allegedly) let people catalogue, review and share their stuff (CDs, clothes and yes, even cars) online. What will this do for the Sharing Economy, and would you use it?

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Thanks to all the rain and the little bit of sunshine (and thanks especially to Ted the three-legged cat’s efforts chasing off hungry birds) the Zipcar Garden is really starting to bloom.

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An assorted selection of antique finds at Sunbury Market © Sunbury Market

"Just a few miles past Twickenham and Richmond, Sunbury Antiques Market is one of the London area’s best-kept secrets for top-notch antiques shopping," Tremayne from London city guide HG2 tells me. Read on to find out what you might find there, and what treasures are hidden nearby.

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Land Friends Mobile

We’ve all been in this situation: you’re happily strolling around Ikea, stopping to gobble up a few meatballs, thinking your Zipcar is free for hours after and you’ll just text to extend your reservation towards the end. Suddenly you get a text saying that there’s another member booked in straight after you and you’ll need to hurtle through the endless maze of Ikea and drive the 10 miles back through London traffic to the Zipcar bay – all in 30 minutes – and then sheepishly sidle up to the disgruntled fellow member waiting for you.

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ISpyAZipvan Competition

There’s not much a Zipvan hasn’t done; it’s moved houses (well, the contents, not the actual house), delivered Christmas presents, carried musical instruments, picked up a zillion and one things from IKEA and that’s all before most of us are out of bed.

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Hello Fresh Picnic

It might not feel like it, but summer is finally here in the UK and so whatever the weather, it’s time to get out there and celebrate. Yes, even if it’s raining.

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Zipcar Charity Drive - June

Last month I introduced Charity Drive, our monthly spotlight on organisations that use Zipcar for Business to do extraordinary things. This month, Charity Drive is shining a light on overseas charities. Read on to see who’s in the running, what they do, and to vote for your favourite.

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