With so much great tech innovation happening around the globe, sometimes it's easy to forget to look right on your doorstep. Zipcar's own HQ is nestled right in the heart of Wimbledon, and we recently stumbled upon Wimbledon's brand new Tech Campus, aka 'Wimbletech'. It's a home for local startups, a garage for Hackathons and above all, an innovation hub for the London Borough of Merton. Our very own Will spoke to Wimbletech's Founder David and found out a little more about this slice of startup paradise.

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It's a cliché but I love my job; every bit of it is interesting

Meet Mark, aka MarkyMarket. He runs a food delivery business that utilizes the unique benefits of Zipcar to deliver (excuse the pun) the best possible service he can. Being able to take a car at any time, hassle free, is how Mark gets the freshest meat delivered right to your door.

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Having recently been speaking with TPS Photo, I’m pleased to introduce the delightful Tim Hoy as our guest blogger. Tim has been working within the photography industry for over thirty years, after learning his trade in the submarines, and would kindly like to talk about how Zipcar works so well for his business transport needs:

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London Youth

We're excited to announce a new partnership with London Youth, the capital's largest network of over 400 diverse community youth organisations! We here at Zipcar know just how important community is to a city like London, so we're thrilled to help London Youth on its mission to support and challenge young people to be the best they can be. We'll be offering any youth club within the London Youth Network a free Zipcar for Business account to help get them where they need to be, and keep London's youth moving forwards. 

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Compare & Share

Zipcar members are well aware of the benefits of sharing rather than owning, at least when it comes to convenient on-street access to cars and vans. Now Compare & Share, the world’s first marketplace for sharing lets you search for sharing services near you. I spoke to Benita Matofska, Founder of Compare and Share to tell us a little more about what they do:

Zipcar: So who are you guys and what do you do?

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Kings Road Gourmet Popcorn packaging

When one of our Zipcar for Business members tweeted us asking whether they could fill a Zipcar with popcorn we had to decline the kind offer on the off chance they weren't planning on bagging it all beforehand.

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Photo of Zipcar for Business member & photographer Simon Sorted
Introducing Simon Sorted a photographer, director and a fellow Zipster! After starting photography as just a hobby, Simon soon gravitated towards the photography club at school. He quickly realised his future would be seen through a lens and so naturally progressed to studying photography at Staffordshire University.
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ZEN banner (c) ZEN Shoreditch

What do cargo bikes, low emission taxis, electric vehicles & Zipcar have in common? They’re all part of ZEN Shoreditch’s initiative to make this vibrant area of East London a cleaner, safer and easier place to work and do business.

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At Zipcar we’re all about doing our little bit to make the world that bit better, and the sharing economy is going a long way in reducing the impact we have on the planet (and saving us money too). Zipcar aren’t alone in this mission; meet Streetbank, an online initiative aiming to bring communities back together through sharing.

I spoke to Tess Riley, Marketing and Communications Manager at Streetbank, to tell us more about what they do.

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Pallet Project Launch

"Being as passionate as we are about the positive impact of collaborative consumption, we at Zipcar are very proud to have partnered up with Meanwhile Space" says Asya Cahill of the Zipcar for Business team. Read on below as she explains just what it is that makes Meanwhile Space such an exciting new project for all of us here at Zipcar to be involved with. 

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