Sure Zipcar does a smashing job of getting you from A to B, but did you know you can get more out of Zipcar than just cars and vans near you by the hour?

For example, that Zipcard in your wallet also unlocks discounts on products and places you love. From fresh coffee at your door from Pact to award-winning skincare from Bulldog, and the offers are constantly being updated. Plus if you’re visiting another Zipcar city you can access discounts there too (not just their Zipcars!). Check them all out here.

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vw transporter

No matter how long I’ve worked at Zipcar, or how often I drive them, I still shout ‘Zipvan’ whenever I spot one of these colourful bad boys zipping about town (it’s hard to stop!).

The VW Transporter is the workhorse of the Zipcar fleet; whether you’re moving house, making a delivery or have been consumed by Ikea, the Transporter will get it done.

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The petite VW Up! is a relative newcomer to the Zipcar family, joining the fleet back in March this year, but she’s fast become my new favourite city Zipcar.

She’s deceptively roomie despite her compact size, with plenty of space for your weekly shop in the boot, making her the perfect partner for zipping about town in (and she’s a very wallet-friendly £5/hour Monday-Friday).

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Caddy Maxi

Zipcar would be nothing without two things: the members, and of course the Zipcars. So when our members said they’d like to know more about all the vehicles in the Zipcar fleet family we decided to put together a little online guide on driving them all.

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Land Friends Mobile

We’ve all been in this situation: you’re happily strolling around Ikea, stopping to gobble up a few meatballs, thinking your Zipcar is free for hours after and you’ll just text to extend your reservation towards the end. Suddenly you get a text saying that there’s another member booked in straight after you and you’ll need to hurtle through the endless maze of Ikea and drive the 10 miles back through London traffic to the Zipcar bay – all in 30 minutes – and then sheepishly sidle up to the disgruntled fellow member waiting for you.

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Zipcar Vauxhall Ampera in front of Westminster, London

Here at Zipcar, we passionately believe that car clubs are one of the best ways for you savvy urbanites to get around town. Whether it’s to make that impromptu jaunt to a stately home (you know, when you need a bit of culture), or that essential trip to Ikea, or even to get to a crucial business meeting, car clubs help make that happen. And without all the fuss and bother of owning a car full-time.

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Co-Pilot close up

Whether you’re a new member or have been zipping about for years, sometimes you’ll have a burning question about Zipcar while you’re out on the road. 

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