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Our UK General Manager, Mark Walker, is passionate about improving urban mobility in our major cities. Below, he outlines the role car clubs can play in making London a more liveable city, and what we can all do to make the city a better place to live. Over to Mark...

Zipcar’s inner drive

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Big Hand Logo

Some people say that the best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. Not here at Zipcar though! We’re on the lookout for three charities which we can partner with and support with the Big Hand this year – and we’ll be asking for your help to select these. So, if you know of a charity, large or small that could do with a big hand from Zipcar peeps, and that would really benefit from some willing Zipcar volunteers spending quality time volunteering on a project, get in touch with us.

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Save money with pay-as-you-live

If you’re a keen follower of everything Zipcar (admit it, we know you are!), you might remember that last year, we launched some research into the “Pay-As-You-Live” lifestyle. We looked at the emergence of a new generation of “smart consumers” who choose to hire or share goods and services – such as your trusty neighbourhood Zipcar – instead of purchasing and owning them outright.

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The Top 5 Travel Apps folder on an iPhone screen

Getting around can be a tricky business and although I’m a big fan of pulling out an Ordnance Survey map and plotting my route with that, a compass and a dose of common sense it’s not the most practical approach to navigating Central London at rush hour. Luckily I have an iPhone and some clever people have done clever things and made clever little apps which make getting around a doddle - here’s my top 5, all of which are completely free.

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Zipcar in Westminster

We’re chuffed to announce that Zipcar has renewed its contract with Westminster City Council for another two years, extending the successful Westminster Car Club scheme and giving great driving benefits to local residents and businesses.

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So as I begin to play chicken with the thermostat, I fear it’s time to admit that summer (or at least the 3 weeks we had of it) is over. And with that it’s time to draw our horticultural experimentation in the Zipcar Garden to a close.

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zipcar member benefits

There are plenty of benefits to being a Zipcar member; you can drive new cars whenever you want, forget about paying for fuel, insurance and maintenance costs, and you can feel pretty good about all the green benefits. But did you know being a Zipcar member can also get you great discounts on the products and places you love, with our Member Benefits?

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Black Maple

We all like to think we’re rock stars, but Zipcar band Black Maple actually are. (From left to right) Jim, Jay, Alec and Jon, aka Black Maple, regularly draw sell-out crowds (and it’s not always just Zipcar staff!).

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Overnight Rates

Here at Zipcar, we’re always out and about, trying out all our different makes and models, and taking advantage of the open road, without the hassle of car ownership. Our colleague, Josh L. recently tried out Zipcar for an economical overnight trip, and here are his thoughts.

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Team Talents - Adrienne

We may not have dancing dogs or shadow dance troupes (yet!), but Zipcar’s definitely got talent. So we’re continuing our celebration of the team’s awesome abilities: this week I’ve been chatting to Adrienne S: HR co-ordinator and baker extraordinaire. So Adrienne, tell us what you can do.

AS: I bake. A little bit of everything but I particularly love decorating so I like to take on some fairly ambitious (sometimes much too ambitious) projects.

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