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tracey zhen

tracey zhen

president, zipcar

Tracey oversees our entire whirring operation, from cutting edge mobility innovations to the nuts and bolts of, well, the nuts and bolts. With a career that began in banking and carried her through strategy and management, Tracey brings experience to Zipcar that doubled down on both tech innovation and financial fundamentals.

Tracey was a Zipster already when she assumed her role here, having just finished a career at TripAdvisor. There she served as vp & general manager of FlipKey, where she led the travel giant’s rapid growth in to the competitive vacation rental space.

Tracey has lived in New York, London and now finds herself just a healthy walk from Zipcar’s Home Office in Boston. When she’s not busy steering us through the fast paced world of shared mobility, Tracey takes advantage of snowy New England to hit some downhill runs at nearby ski resorts.

Tracey is a graduate of NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business holding dual BS degrees in both Finance and Information Systems.

aidan cardella

aidan cardella

vice president, operations & strategy

With a sharp eye on Zipcar vehicles and another on our overall business strategy, Aidan keeps our wheels turning in more ways than one. From keeping vehicles in tip-top shape to executing on a strategy in a quickly evolving space, Aidan’s focus delivers an unparalleled mobility experience to our membership.

With a broad background in people, data and technology, Aidan spent 10 years at GE in R&D consulting before moving in to digital media technology for 12 years. In that world he held leadership roles at ChoiceStream and TVision.

Aidan spends most of his downtime with his wife and two children enjoying family life. A tech guy at heart, Aidan’s hobbies involve “building, diagnosing and fixing just about anything.” When he’s not at home “fixing” things, Aidan is an avid mountain biker, sailor and runner.

Aidan holds a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science from Grinnell College and a Master’s in Statistics from Iowa State University.

Jeff Prus

Jeff Prus

vice president, product and experience

A lotta different things need to come together to create a great Zipcar member experience. It’s not surprising then that our product guy started his career designing semiconductors for Intel. (Like the Pentium, remember those?!)

Jeff’s engineering background gave him the passion and eye for creating outstanding customer-driven products.He’s held roles at industry-defining firms where he led the charge in the arenas of product and marketing.

Most notably at VistaPrint, where he helmed the company’s user experience and product management teams to develop its online graphic design platform. He arrived at Zipcar after most recently serving as vp, product management and design for Intuit’s QuickBase division.

With an obsession for making every member’s Zipcar experience a reliably excellent one, Jeff also lives the Zipster life and enjoys boating, fishing, gardening, and trying to improve his golf game to better than just “mediocre."

Jeff’s alma mater is the University of Michigan (his boat is called “Go Blue”), where he earned both a BS in electrical engineering and an MBA, with concentrations in marketing and strategy.

Len Ho

Len Ho

division counsel

Len's experience with Zipcar is coming full circle: he first honed his craft at large law firms in San Francisco and Boston, at one point representing one of Zipcar's early investors. Since then, he’s worked in-house, leading the legal functions at Game Show Network Digital and Upromise. Len has also handled a variety of legal matters as Senior Counsel at Boston Scientific. He’s got the legal chops to keep us in line, to say the least.

After earning his bachelor's degree in business at the University of California at Berkeley, Len earned his CPA certification working for Arthur Andersen in New York City before attending law school at New York University.

In his free time Len enjoys swimming, tennis, and skiing. Best of all for Zipsters, he loves all things related to cars.

Ed Lang

Ed Lang

director, business development

Developing great partnerships takes more than a warm hand shake. (Although they often start that way.) Ed brings Zipcar’s shared mobility offering and managed fleet capabilities to companies whose teams and clientele have a hankering for simple transportation solutions. His expertise in corporate development and travel coupled with an enthusiasm for consumer internet and technology give Zipcar partner’s a lot to work with. (And think about).

Ed worked in Private Equity at BlackRock before moving on to corporate and business development at TripAdvisor. While serving in that role, Ed successfully acquired, invested in, and strategically partnered with over 20 companies.

Ed enjoys traveling, winter and beach sports, and, as a Massachusetts native, is a huge fan of Boston sports teams. He holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics from UC Santa Cruz, and earned an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.

Percy Hoffmann

percy hoffmann

director, global member services

Percy Hoffmann is all about the member in a way no other Zipster can touch. (although we all try) He leads the teams that support and service our multinational (and multilingual) membership, managing membership care centers across regions.

Our member’s experience goes beyond Percy’s day-to-day focus, as he keeps us ahead of curve with strategic initiatives that push our operations and services to excel in all manners of member support.

Prior to joining Zipcar, Percy spent two decades in the fast turning mobile and telecom industry, joining when cell phone antennas were extendable and riding through the industry’s broadband paced service and product turnover. During that expanding and disruptive period, he held a variety of leadership roles from customer operations and sales, to business intelligence, and mergers and acquisitions, culminating as senior director, customer operations for AT&T Mobility.

Eric Grey

Eric Grey

director, financial planning & analysis

We see Eric as our financial steward, assuring Zipcar’s short and long-term financial well-being so we can effectively fulfill our mission ‘to enable simple and responsible urban living.’ Before running the numbers at Zipcar, Eric spent a decade developing finance and analytics teams at an array of companies across growth stages which includes Amazon, Trulia, and Etsy.

Originally from New England, Eric is happy to find himself working at Zipcar’s Home Office in Boston after years in the Big Apple. Now back on home turf, Eric spends weekends skiing and hiking the Green Mountains of Vermont and running along the Charles River Basin.

Eric holds a BS in Economics from Georgetown University and earned an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

did you know?

Every Zipcar in our fleet of thousands has its own unique name. 
You can fit 33,000 IKEA meatballs in a MINI (yes, we tried once). 
It took 2 years to get the first 1,000 Zipcar members. Today it takes a few days. 
Zipcar's lineup includes more than 50 makes and models. 
Zipcar's 2002 fleet included 5 electric cars.