working at Zipcar

think you have the drive to move car clubs forward?

The team at Zipcar is growing. Hundreds of thousands of Zipcar members worldwide look to us to enable simple and responsible urban living. And now we’re looking to you to help us grow and spread the car club manifesto globally.

If you want to make measurable changes in how communities think about transport, then Zipcar might be for you. And if you’re a talented and innovative true-believer who seeks like kind, then you might be for Zipcar. If you have ideas to improve driving freedom on college or business campuses and from city to shining city, we want to make them happen. Together.

We’re looking for clever and conscientious people to work in a supportive and diverse environment. Hint: a personality as fun as our brand is not just a plus – it’s A+.

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did you know?

Every Zipcar in our fleet of thousands has its own unique name. 
You can fit 33,000 IKEA meatballs in a MINI (yes, we tried once). 
It took 2 years to get the first 1,000 Zipcar members. Today it takes a few days. 
Zipcar's lineup includes more than 50 makes and models. 
Zipcar's 2002 fleet included 5 electric cars.