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member benefits from hubbub is a home delivery service that champions local, independent shops by providing consumers with an online and mobile platform to order from their local shops when they can’t get to them in person. Customers place one order from lots of local shops at, each shop prepares its part of your order, then’s drivers pick up and deliver to you.

Now is challenging Zipcar members to shun the supermarket and shop locally for 40 days with their #40daychallenge. Shop from your local shops in person when you can, and use to deliver the local shops to you when you can't. And to make the challenge even more rewarding you can get a free 40 day delivery pass from, saving £3.50 per delivery.

Read more on Founder and Managing Director Marisa Leaf's tips for shopping locally and sticking to the #40daychallenge, or click here to claim your free 40 day delivery pass.

Mrs Lovell's Greengrocer

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