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The idea behind Grub Club is simple, every week they host pop up events that always tick the same three boxes: they’re social, hosted by amazing chefs and most of all, crammed full of fun.

Anywhere from churches, houseboats, underground carriages, breweries, right down to cafes, all have been home to their fantastic evenings. Wherever there is an interesting space lying dormant, Grub Club dives in and hosts an unforgettable night of dining never to be repeated again.

It’s all about adventure, with highly skilled chefs curating evenings with adventurous menus and themes. Set around a shared table, the social atmosphere is one truly not available from your traditional restaurant experience.

It’s a club well worth joining! 

Now Zipcar members can get a fantastic £5 off your first Grub Club pop up. To claim this voucher and dine in style, visit today and enter voucher code: ZIPCAR6 when you book.

Grub Club

Offer valid for new Grub Club customers only. Valid for Zipcar members only.

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