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Welcome to our new membership plan that's specifically designed for members who want to access our best rates.

Switching to (or joining) ZipPlus can save you money every time you drive versus our standard rates and you can see how the ZipPlus rates compare here.

To access ZipPlus, you pay £15 per month and you will receive £15 back in driving credit too. That means by driving just 3 hours each month you effectively get your membership for free!

Making the switch is easy, just follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Zipcar account here (just as you would when you're making a reservation).
  2. Click on my stuff.
  3. In my membership click on change my plan.
  4. To switch to ZipPlus, click on the orange select this plan button next to ZipPlus.

Congratulations! You'll be switched over at your next billing date.


sign in

my stuff

change my plan



When will I be moved onto the new membership plan?

After you click select this plan, you will be moved on to ZipPlus on your next billing date.


How does the driving credit work?

The Driving Credit will be automatically added to your account every month on your billing date. It will last for 30 days and does not accrue from one month to another.

Driving credit can be used toward driving and related costs. It cannot be applied to membership fees, tickets/violations, fines or other non-usage charges. 


What if I have a partner or want to add one to my account?

Your partner will be moved over with you onto the new plan at the same time. 

Each partner on your account costs £7.50 per month and you will receive £7.50 driving credit every month too.






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