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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes

...and so do Zipcars.

Let's get down to business...

Making history

We went behind the scenes, with our friends at History Bombs, an award winning production company, specialising in witty historical videos. This time they were filming at the historic location of Monttisfont Abbey for Jane Austen's 200th Anniversary

Visit History Bombs' website, for more great content.

Getting creative

Creative Debuts is a platform celebrating the brightest emerging artists and designers.

Born out of frustration, thier aim is to make art more accessible and to tackle the hurdles faced by undiscovered creatives. The team use zipcar to transport artwork. It’s as simple as that. Part of our business requires us to transport a small handful or artworks for clients every month, the zipvans are perfect for this. 


do perfection

Longtime Zipcar users, Sipsmith London make high quality gin with a truly uncomprimising quality and character. 
"Zipcar for Business has enabled us to make a 20% saving in comparison to owning our own vans. As our business has grown, Zipcar has grown with us, allowing us to easily and efficiently expand to making more deliveries to more customers, more often." Fairfax Hall, Co-Founder

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