from as little as £5/hour

  • Find the nearest car round the corner.
  • Fuel, insurance and congestion charge all included.
  • Reserve your car online or with the app.
*must use driving credit within 30 days of joining.


Why wait for delivery?


Most supermarkets would require at least 24 hours to deliver your goods after you order.


With a zipcar, you could drive to your favourite store and get your goods the same day without paying any congestion charge, fuel costs (comes with 40 miles free fuel per booking) or car insurance.


zipcar has 1000s of cars within walking distance of your home or office.


Join zipcar today and gain access to our cars with a £40 free driving credit!




how it works


Is Zipcar for me?

The convenient alternative to car ownership or car hire.

How to reserve & unlock a Zipcar

Reserving and unlocking a Zipcar couldn't be easier.

Use our mobile app, our website or your Zipcard.

Where can I find a car?

Zipcars are located in 1000s of convenient locations all around you!

There are lots of cars where you live and work.