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Each month we put the spotlight on one of our Zipcar for Business accounts to celebrate the great work they do and how they use Zipcar to make it happen. Meet Absolute Pandemonium, Cambridge University's oldest Steel Pan Band who rely on Zipvans to get their instruments and their fresh Caribbean sound to gigs all over. Read on to find out more about Absolute Pandemonium and how they use Zipcar.

"Absolute Pandemonium are Cambridge’s oldest Steel Pan Band, making music and exciting audiences since 1982.

Recently an exciting new chapter has opened in the society’s history. In September 2012, seventeen shiny new steel drums arrived from Trinidad, the first new instruments in the club’s history. Perhaps initially flying under the radar the society signed up to Zipcar, to help revolutionise the transport to performances and gigs.

Steel pans are pitched percussion instruments, and really fun to play! Their only downside is that they are big, heavy and a pain to transport! Hiring a Zipvan has changed this, allowing for far more versatility in preparing for gigs, and the pans (when carefully arranged Tetris-style) fit snugly in the back of the van. This means that now there is only Absolute Pandemonium during the performance, and the transport and logistics are assuringly precise and actually panic-free - very welcome when compared to the previous solution – lots of taxis! Not waiting for taxis, who then complain at the amount of equipment, and being fully in control of everything not only has financial rewards (hiring a van generally works out cheaper than taxis) but also saves my heart from beating too fast when everything goes surprisingly smoothly!

The ability to book online, easily alter the bookings, and pick up the van so close to Homerton College (where we are based) makes Zipcar a lovely solution and means that over the last year we have been able to do far more performances than previous years. This has been one of the most active and exciting years in Absolute Pandemonium’s history – playing at three college bars, a charity gig in Willingham, a winter ball, a summer ball, numerous garden parties and even for the Sedgwick Club (the oldest student-run geological society in the world) for their high-budget May Ball. This has come about for two major reasons: the raw talent, class, beauty and ability of the band, and the wonders of Zipvans!

Its been a great year, and with our continued membership of Zipcar, next year can be even greater!"

- Steve Pates, President, Absolute Pandemonium

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