Anything can happen whilst you're out on the road, so get yourself prepared with these handy tips.


where can I go during my reservation?


Drive anywhere within the UK with your Zipcar (try and avoid rivers, lakes and any other large bodies of water). Heck, drive anywhere outside the UK if you can get there! Our cars aren't just limited to the country they operate in. If you would like to take your Zipcar abroad, thats not a problem - just give us at least 7 days notice. If you haven't got seven days, why not see if there's a Zipcar available in the city your heading to?  Find out more here. 



drive anywhere in london with no congestion charge 


As a modern and intrepid Zipcar member, you are exempt from paying the Congestion Charge. Feel free to drive anywhere in central London without having to make a pesky stop at the post office. There is nothing you need to do, everything is taken care of!



use the fuel card to pay for fuel

Never purchase fuel with cash or your own card! Every single Zipcar comes with a fuel card which you use to pay for fuel. You should never be paying for your own petrol unless this card is missing or is not working. You'll find the fuel card in the driver's side door jamb.

We cover all the fuel costs for your journey, in fact any journey that’s less than 60 miles you won’t have to pay any contribution. If you do go beyond 60 miles you’ll be charged £0.25 per mile or £0.29 in premium vehicles and vans. You receive 60 miles for every reservation you make which increases depending on the length of your booking. We give you 60 miles per 24hrs of your reservation, so if you book a 48 hour reservation you get 120 free miles, for a 72 hour reservation you receive 180 free miles and so on. Click here for further details.

(The allowance also increases with reservations that go slightly beyond a 24hr period. For example, a 25hr booking will receive 70 free miles, a 26hr reservation, 80 free miles and so on until you've hit the 60mile limit in each 24hr period).

Find out more on fuelling up here.

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keeping an eye on your mileage  

A great way of keeping an eye on your mileage is by pressing the 'trip reset button'. This is a feature that comes as standard in all our vehicle models, you'll find this button on the dashboard display.


If pressed at the start of any reservation the counter will reset to zero. This will then count your miles as you make them, letting you know exactly how much of your free allowance you have remaining. 

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where can I park during my reservation?

The safest space for your Zipcar is the dedicated location from which you picked it up from. Once taken out of this space the vehicle becomes your responsibility, so it's important to know exactly where and where you can't park a Zipcar.

can I park in other Zipcar bays?

We're afraid not. This is because every Zipcar has its own bay. If we allowed you to park in any Zipcar bay during your reservation this would cause delays and stress to other members as they won't be able to return their own vehicles properly. 


are there any special places we can park Zipcars?

Simply, no, once outside of it's dedicated bay, a Zipcar is treated the same as any other vehicle in the city. This means you are bound to all various councils rules of parking enforcement, so make sure when you park it's safe and legal to do so.


what if the Zipcar has a parking permit for the area?

Even if the Zipcar has a parking permit for the area, the only guaranteed safe spot is the vehicles home location, as this is where it's registered to. If you park in residents bays within the same controlled parking zone as the vehicles permit you do so at your own risk. If you have any questions regarding a specific location please call Member Services on 0333 240 9000.



what if my bay has been taken?

If you find someone has parked in your Zipcar bay, call the Member Services team as soon as possible. Find out more information about returning your Zipcar here.



what if i get a parking ticket?

If you're unfortunate enough to get a parking ticket, your best option is to contact the relevant council and pay for the ticket asap. If you leave the ticket unpaid we'll cover the cost and attribute it to your account with an additional £15 administration fee. If you have any questions or concerns or think a ticket was issued unfairly, contact our Member Services team.

If you arrive at your Zipcar and find a parking ticket already on the vehicle take a quick photo of the time stamp (below) and forward it to the Member Services team. You'll need to remove the slip from the plastic cover to get the details.

We'll then make sure the ticket is attributed to the appropriate member's reservation using the time and date on the ticket.

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 the Cockpit 


Our vehicle controls and gauges are typical for the UK and don't have any vast differences across models. This will hopefully not be the first dashboard you've sat in front of so you should be familiar with most aspects, but we've listed a few features of the dashboard that can help you during your reservation:


 fuel gauge 

This is where your current level of fuel is displayed. This should always be at least a quarter of a tank for the start and end of your reservation. 


 warning lights 

As cars become more complex, the number of warning lights have grown significantly! Whenever you see a warning light pop onto the dash it's always best to pull over somewhere safely and give our Member Services team a call. They (with your help) will be able to identify the warning light and advise you on your next step. This diagnostic is important as it will tell us whether the issue requires immediate attention or whether you can continue your reservation.

This is the most common warning light - tyre pressure. This simply means that one or more of the tyres is not at optimal pressure. By looking at the tyres you should be able to work out which tyre is low, then it's just a case of topping the tyre up with some free air from your nearest petrol station. 




If all you hear is radio gaga then you may wish to listen to your own tunes. Get out your trusty mp3 player and attach the cable (marked AUX cable) into the headphone slot of your device. Press play on your device and press the 'Media' button on the radio until you see "aux" in the display. Voila, you'll be head banging away to Enya in no time.



No true cockpit is complete without a trusty co-pilot. Your clear plastic friend is sitting in the glove box whenever you may need it. Inside you'll find all the basic instructions about how to zip and what's expected before, during and after your reservation, including some extra information should anything go wrong. Most importantly the co-pilot contains the damage log where you report damage. Find out more about damage reporting here.

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extending your reservation

You may very well need some extra time on your reservation. Click here for our guide to extending. 


in case of an accident

Firstly, make sure everyone is OK. 

Call the police if there are any injuries, damage to either vehicle involved, or if you believe you are not at fault. Having a police report is your best defence during an insurance investigation. If the police will not come to the scene, be sure to ask them why and let us know their reason.

Then call us at 0333 240 9000 to tell us there's been an accident.

For more information on what to do in an accident, see our FAQ.

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in case of a breakdown

Your Zipcar membership includes roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just call us on 0333 240 9000 and we will take care of the details.

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