In this section we will go through all the perks and bonuses of being a Zipcar member. From earning driving credit by referring friends and businesses to getting the low down on discounts offered by our partners in the member benefits section.


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adding a partner for half price

We all love driving, but driving with friends is always more fun. So why not add an additional driver to your account? It's only £29.75 for them to be added to your annual membership and that’s on a pro-rata basis, so no matter how long you have left on your membership they’ll only pay for what’s left. That works out at under £2.50 a month!

All you need to do is give your registered email address to your friend or family member and ask them to call 020 3004 7815 or email

We’ll give them their own login details and Zipcard, ready for sharing the driving or making their own bookings. It’s as simple as that!

how to add a partner through the website

First, send your prospective partner to and ask them to click on the ‘join’ link:

Click on ‘I’ve been invited to join an existing account’ under the ‘join as an individual’ header:

They will then be asked to enter the email address attached to your account:

They will then be given a list of people who this email address links to (usually just one, you!) and once they have clicked on your name, they will be taken to a form for them to fill in all their basic information, you will then receive an email from us, asking us to confirm that you want them on the account.

Please note that when you add a partner on to your account, you become financially responsible for their membership with Zipcar. You will pay their membership fee, booking costs, mileage costs and any other charges incurred by them. They will not be able to change any details or have any control over the account such as managing the payment card.

So don’t delay, add you mum, brother, sister, best friend, best friend’s friend, whoever you want – no more will you have to be the only driver, so you can sit back, put your feet up and man the stereo!

And if you’d rather they had their own account, don’t forget you can refer a friend and split £50 free driving

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referring a friend or business

Did you know you can earn free driving when you refer your friends or business contacts to Zipcar?


Share £50 driving credit (or give it all away) when you refer your friends and they join. Plus refer your business contacts to Zipcar for Business and earn a whopping £75 free driving just for you, when they join and add two drivers. We’ll even waive their first year's account fee (saving £99 ex VAT). Send as many referrals as you like, there’s no limit to the driving credit you can earn.

To send referrals first, click on the ‘my stuff’ link at the top right while you are logged in, and hit 'my account'.


This will take you to your account information and give you the option to edit your personal details. It will also display four more tabs, click the one which says ‘refer friends’:

This will take you to a screen with a speedometer showing you how much you can earn in driving credit by referring friends and gives you the option to ‘refer my friends’ or ‘refer a business’. Click the ‘refer my friends’ link:

From here, you can enter as many friends' email addresses as you like, choose how the driving credit is split between the two of you (£25 each or give the entire £50 to the friends you are referring) and personalize the message they will see:

Once the email message has been sent, your friend will receive an email with a promo code:

As it says in the email, your referred friend just needs to join and enter the provided promo code. Please note that this offer cannot be redeemed alongside any other joining offers. As this is the only way to obtain the “refer a friend” offer, this cannot be done over the phone and this offer is only valid for friends who’ve never been Zipcar members before. 

referring a business

Referring a business is very similar with just a few differences. To refer a business, go back to the refer friends tab and click on the 'refer a business' link:

From here you can enter the details of the business you would like to refer and the details of the best contact person

Once filled out, just hit 'send referral'. Once the business has been approved and they've signed up with 2 or more drivers, you'll recieve your £75 driving credit.

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 member benefits 

There are lots of perks to being a Zipcar member, besides cars near you when you want them. Your Zipcard can get you discounts on the products and places you love with Zipcar member benefits.

To access member benefits you need to be logged into your Zipcar account. Once logged in, hover over the ‘community’ tab and click ‘member benefits’.

You will be then asked to choose which city you would like to see the benefits of:

After selecting your city, you can view the various offers and discounts you are entitled to. For more information just hit the details button next to the logo.

You're not restricted to your home city. If you find yourself in New York or Barcelona, or anywhere we have Zipcars, take a look and see what discounts your Zipcard can get you! 

We are constantly updating our member benefits, so check back regularly to see what's on offer.


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getting social with zipcar

Why not share your feedback or get in touch over Facebook and Twitter and interact with our dedicated Social Member Services team. They will be happy to help with any enquires you may have, large or small. (If it’s an emergency, it’s always still best to give us a call direct on 0333 240 9000).

Can’t find your favourite vehicle? A location near you has gone walkabout? Just fancy a silly chat? Our Twitter and Facebook sites are monitored 24-7, feel free to say hello!

As well as service enquires we’re always running loads of competitions and giveaways; why not get yourself on Twitter and join us on a Friday for our weekly giveaway. 


Be our Fan of the Month! Just by interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter gives you the opportunity to win some juicy free driving time!



Now and again we have some truly fantastic prizes to be won. Fancy a chance of winning a new iPad Air? Or how about £100 in driving credit?

Remember that these offers are exclusively for our members and not the general public, giving you a great chance to win something!

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weekly zipcar newsletter

Get regular updates on everything Zipcar with our e-newsletter. From important news and updates, competitions and giveaways, member benefits and much more!

Opt in by going to ‘my stuff’, ‘my account’, ‘contact me’, scroll down to ‘my communication preference’ and tick the box ‘email me’.

For more information about your notification settings and how to change them, check out this page.

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the gift of zip

The Gift of Zip lets you buy membership or driving credit for someone who you think would benefit from Zipcar. Do you know someone who's just moved to London and needs a transport solution? Maybe you know someone who owes you one too many lifts? (theres always someone). You can even request driving credit for yourself.

To access Gift of Zip, head to the community tab and click gift certificates

From here you have a couple of options. You can either ‘give’ zipcar – or ‘get’ zipcar…

Choose this option if you are feeling generous and want to give someone a special Zipcar treat. Choose any amount from £15 up to £1000 to give away to a recipient of your choice. They can use it to pay for a new Zipcar membership or if they're already a member they can use it as juicy driving credit to cover reservation costs.

All you need to do is click on ‘give zipcar’, choose your city and enter the details of your recipient:


When you’re ready, hit continue.

That’s it! Your chosen recipient will then receive an email detailing exactly what they need to do to claim their gift. The cost will be automatically debited from the card on your Zipcar account.

Remember, we have a few simple requirements that all Zipcar members have to meet which you can view here. We will fully refund your gift if the recipient does not qualify for membership.


As well as giving away Zipcar as a gift, you can also make a cheeky request of your own. If you fancy being blunt and upfront with your gift demands, click “ask for Zipcar”

From here you have the template to construct your compelling request. Choose from a selection of well tested messages or write your own. Enter the details and hit send! (Fingers crossed!)

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