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Meet Mark Walker - Mark is the UK General Manager of Zipcar UK. A former Streetcar non-Executive Director, he joined the business full-time in 2010.

Hi Mark, tell us a little about yourself; how do you like to start your day?

Every day starts fairly abruptly! During the week, when the alarm sounds, it’s simply up and out – the Today programme is ritual company when I’m shaving. At the weekends, my children wake me, either wanting breakfast or entertaining! The days of gently easing into the day are long gone...

How do you like to structure your day? For example, when do you get up and when do you get to work?

The best days start early with a bike ride from my home in Battersea to our office in Wimbledon – and a quick swim and shower at the local gym, en route. That has me at my desk for 7.30 am, so I can crank through some work before most of the team arrive. When I commute on the bus and train, I’m in for 7 am and have an extra 30 minutes at my disposal. I don’t see our children in the morning, so I’m usually home at 6.30pm to see them before bedtime.

What does a typical day at Zipcar consist of?

Is there a typical day at Zipcar? My days vary enormously. For example, we might be considering ways to improve the member experience, or how best to approach the business market (a fast growing segment for us) or which locations require more cars and what types. I might be interviewing new staff, meeting with TFL about the promotion of car clubs, or car manufacturers about next year’s new car purchases. There are many, many dimensions to operating a car club!

What do you enjoy most about working at Zipcar?

The passion of the team and the deep sense purpose which ultimately drives us. Beyond providing a first class member experience, for every member and every booking, we are dedicated to demonstrating that you can run a successful business, providing a vital service, which improves the quality of urban life; and saves both people and businesses money.

How did you find yourself as UK General Manager of Zipcar, or Streetcar as it was when you joined? What is your background? When did you join Streetcar?

In 2004, Streetcar started with 8 cars in Battersea and I was one of the very first members. I kept in contact with the founders, Andrew and Brett, to see how things were going; and they invited me first to join the Board as a non-Executive Director; and then, in 2010, to join the payroll as Streetcar COO. Following the acquisition by Zipcar, I was appointed General Manager UK. Previously, I was working for a specialist Nordic investment bank.

How do you like to wind down outside work? We hear you love to dance.

These days, aside from Zipcar and entertaining children, there’s not a whole lot of free time! I’ve been a member of Wimbledon Hockey Club for 25 years and, yes, I love to dance. I met my wife through a dance “challenge” and – occasionally – we can get out and let our hair down, whether that be in a club or on the field. In the summer, we do a lot of camping and our next major family milestone is getting all four of us to the top of a Scottish Munroe - my daughter is just 5, so we’re hoping for next year.

Thanks Mark for that insightful look behind the scenes.

We’ll be meeting other members of the Zipcar team in the coming months, plus read other interviews at the top of this page. If there’s anyone or any team you’d like to know more about, get in touch.

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