need a car in london? zipcar is the answer

Zipcar is a cost-effective alternative to car rental and vehicle ownership. Our low business rates cover everything, so there is no need to pay for extra tax, insurance, maintenance, parking , fuel or the Congestion charge.

Over 8,000 businesses, including many sole traders at markets across London, use Zipcar for Business to help them transport their wares to where they are needed. Our members, like Lillie O’Brien from London Borough of Jam, tell us they save time, money and hassle by having 24/7, on-demand access to our fleet via our free mobile apps and online booking portal.

I Love Markets and Zipcar have partnered up to offer a FREE 1 year Zipcar for Business Membership (normally £99).

"A Zipcar is conveniently located next to my production kitchen, making it easy to load my jars of jam for weekly deliveries to shops and markets across London. “

Lillie O’Brien, The London Borough of Jam

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How does it work?

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