Fuel Price Hike?

drive our zipcars!


  • Find the nearest car round the corner.
  • Fuel, insurance and congestion charge all included.
  • Reserve your car online or with the app.

*must use driving credit within 30 days of joining.

Driving in London is now more expensive than ever!

          This latest increase in the cost of fuel make it more expensive that ever to run a car in London. Not only do Londoners have to contend with the congestion charge, but also some of the most expensive parking spaces in the UK and of course car insurance. So does it still make sense to own a car with all these costs? Surely, in the tech capital of the world we can come up with a better solution, a more collaborative 21st solution? Have you heard about zipcar?

          With zipcar you can pay as you drive by the hour, with 1,600 cars parked on the streets around London minutes from where you live and work. And best of all we include 40 miles of free fuel with every trip! You can pick up a VW Polo from £5 an hour including the congestion charge and you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, insurance or road tax!

         So avoid the fuel duty and discover a smarter solution with zipcar!

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How to reserve & unlock a Zipcar

Reserving and unlocking a Zipcar couldn't be easier.

Use our mobile app, our website or your Zipcard.

Is Zipcar for me?

The convenient alternative to car ownership or car hire.

Where can I find a car?

Zipcars are located in 1000s of convenient locations all around you!

There are lots of cars where you live and work.