Croydon Council Car Club

Croydon Council Car Club

Join the Council Zipcar account to get access to 23 vehicles for work use. 

What is the LBC Car Club?

What is it and how to join?

The Croydon Council Car Club gives Council employees access to 23 vehicles to use for work travel on working days.

Between the hours of 8am to 6pm employees can reserve cars online or using the Zipcar app - reservations can last as long as is needed. The costs will automatically be charged back to your cost centres. 

By making use of the Car Club, you are supporting sustaible and cost effective vehicle access for employees, along with 400 other members of staff already using the scheme. To join, simply click the link below and fill in the online application form. We'll ask Croydon Council to confirm you are an employee and will give you a call to check your driving licence details. 

Where are the vehicles?

Find Zipcars at 4 locations in Croydon

How to drive?

Once joined, simply...



All eligible drivers in the team can use the app or the web to book a car or van. 


Unlock the vehicle using the app or zipcard (all drivers will get one).


Just drive and return before the end of your reservation.

Sound good? Follow the link below, fill in the application and join today.