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Cocoa Runners is a unique service that carefully selects the very best artisan chocolate bars from across the globe and delivers them to you in a letterbox friendly package. Their boxes are perfect as a gift, an ongoing monthly delivery or just to enjoy as a simple treat.

Cocoa Runners have designed a chocolate box, just for you, inspired by Zipcar. The box features Taza’s cinnamon round, founded by Alex Whitmore, one of Zipcar’s earliest employees. Next is ex-F1 engineer Duffy Sheardown's Oak Smoked Nib Milk Bar. In honour of Mast Brothers' arrival to Zipcar UK’s London home, the box includes their award winning Belize bar. And finally in celebration of Zipcar’s Paris launch a bar from the Paris-born Bertil Akesson rounds out the collection.

Zipcar members can get an exclusive £5 off the Zipcar chocolate box (usually £19.95). Simply enter the code ZIPBOX at the checkout.

And if that's not enough chocolate for you, Zipcar members can also get £10 off your first quarterly subscription payment (usually £44.85 every 3 months) - dropping some of the world's best chocoalte through your letterbox every month. Just enter the code ZIPSUB10 when you join.

Find your match made in chocolate heaven by taking Cocoa Runners Taste Test.

Valentine's Collection

Bertil Akesson (left) and former Zipcar employee Alex Whitmore creating Taza (right).

Offer only valid for Zipcar members.

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