Car Lite London event 10th July 2014

The event "Car Lite London – helping more Londoners drive less" on 10th July was a great success in bringing together a significant range of speakers and over 100 guests to discuss the benefits that car clubs can deliver by becoming a mainstream part of London’s transport system. 

The event was chaired by leading transport expert, David Quarmby and speakers included Baroness Kramer, Transport Minister, Isabel Dedring, Deputy Mayor for Transport, all of the car club operators, and speakers from London Boroughs including Cllr Feryal Demirci, (LB of Hackney), Deputy Chair London Transport & Environment Committee, LB of Southwark, LB of Croydon, and a car club fan - Antoinette Peters-Adenle. To download a copy of the agenda please click here.

We were particularly pleased that so many London Boroughs attended, helping the event not only celebrate that London has the largest car club in Europe, but also enable the promotion of the best practice guidelines to help encourage all boroughs to adopt “Car Lite” approach.  

Forecasts suggest that, with sustained investment by all stakeholders, including the Car Club industry, London could see up to 1 million car club members by 2020.  In response to Isabel Dedring’s direct challenge, we will be developing a clear plan of action, to enable all the relevant London stakeholders to come together and form a clear strategy, which will deliver this goal.  Isabel Dedring called for London to be able to communicate a shared mission statement later this year.


Car Lite London