with a year's free membership!

  • Over 1,500 cars & vans across London
  • Parked near your office & home
  • Fuel, insurance & Congestion Charge incl.
  • On-demand access 24/7
  • Dedicated business support team
  • 5% off standard weekday rates

Offer ends 30th November 2016. Subject to business eligibility. New members only. 




Zipcar is a cost & time efficient alternative to leased cars


On-demand access: 24 hours a day

Pick up a car from an on-street location any time of the day. No need to wait at depots or fill in forms. Unlock the car with your phone and you’re off and driving.



The fuel is on us

With Zipcar, there’s 60 miles free per day, per booking. Need to refill? Just use the fuel card in every car when you’re at the petrol station.

add driver

Add multiple drivers

Zipcar makes it easy to add multiple employees under one easy to manage account. It only takes 5 minutes on the phone to approve a driver, and then they’re good to go.


Insurance is included

Open a Zipcar for Business account and comprehensive insurance is included for you and every employee you add.


how it works

How it works - Zipcar for Business
How does Zipcar work? 4 simple steps join book unlock drive

Why Zipcar for business?

Zipcar for Business is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to vehicle rental, ownership and taxis.

Calculate your savings

We’ve created an interactive calculator that shows you the savings you can make against taxis, rental & leased cars.

Your on-demand fleet

Drive a wide range of vehicles, from Polos & Golfs to Audis and Transporter vans.