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Zipcar via Salary Sacrifice can benefit you and your colleagues. Your company just needs to set up an account, which should be a piece of cake. Share this page with your boss or HR team to get the ball rolling.

Zipcar via salary sacrifice

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Just like the Cycle To Work and Childcare Voucher schemes, employees can now exchange a portion of their pre-tax salary with our new Salary Sacrifice scheme.

•  Employees exchange pre-tax salary for blocks of Ziptime and save up to 40% on their Zipcar usage.

•  Employers save on their National Insurance contributions while providing a great employee benefit.

•  More people sharing fuel-efficient Zipcars means fewer cars on the road and less CO2.

Contact our business team about getting Zipcar via Salary Sacrifice at your company. Call our business team on 020 3004 7830 or fill in our quick online form and we'll get straight back to you.

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smarter ways to zip

Salary Sacrifice Accounts

Employees get free annual membership, plus can save up to 40% by using Zipcar from their pre-tax salary

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Individually Billed Accounts

Employees get access to reduced weekday rates for business and can get out and zip at the weekends - all billed to their own account and payment card.


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