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French Noir 17 oct – 30 Nov

The official histories will tell you that film noir first emerged from the darkness in 1940s Hollywood, when emigré directors brought the long shadows of German Expressionism to hard-boiled stories by writers like Raymond Chandler – poets of the nighttime, with their tales of laconic heroes and dangerous women. In this twilit world we find troubled loners and weary detectives, tales of amour fou and murder, and cafes and nightclubs wreathed in the thick smoke of Gauloises cigarettes... the world of French Noir.

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John Carpenter season

17 oct – 28 Nov

In the late 1970s, a young filmmaker named John Carpenter was approached by a pair of enterprising movie producers out to make a low-budget fright flick. With only a couple of modest critical hits under his belt, Carpenter took the gig – about a maniac with a taste for babysitters – and went about transforming what could have been a throwaway drive-in B-movie into one of horror cinema’s most iconic masterpieces, and one of the highest-grossing indie films of all time. Not only an amusing anecdote, this triumphant tale just goes to prove that you should never underestimate the power of John Carpenter, a master visual craftsman (and dab hand on the synthesizer), who’s been turning oft-dismissed genre fare into bona fide cinematic gold for over 40 years.

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Black Star

17 Oct – 30 Dec

There is not one single story of black stardom, but myriad. So alongside iconic work from much-loved contemporary greats like Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett and David Oyelowo, we’ll spotlight contributions from important but less-heralded figures like the late Paul Robeson, who seared his singular brand of intensity and moral clarity on to screens in America and the UK. We’ll travel back to the earliest days of American cinema, where black performers fought against racism and stereotypes to blaze a trail for their inheritors to tread. We’ll look at the giant impact of small-screen performers in Britain, holla at the hip-hop screen queens and kings of the 1990s, and head beyond Nollywood to showcase fresh Nigerian talent. From Blaxploitation to the LA Rebellion, Poitier to Prince, and Josephine Baker to Ice Cube, there’s something for everyone in Black Star.

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