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Living in London teaches you to make the most of each and every sunny day, and that with the help of a smartphone and the app store, you can plan a day out at the touch of a button. So, when the sun made a rare appearance this week, a few of us in the Zipcar team knew we had to act fast. A day out of the office was cleared, and armed with just a smartphone, a camera, and a desire to be anywhere but indoors, we walked into the sunshine.

The first and only item on the agenda was to get out of the city and find somewhere green. A quick Google search led us to the London Parks & Gardens app, an incredibly comprehensive guide to green spaces in the city. After a quick scroll through a list of parks large and small and a few taps in the free Zipcar app, our ride was booked and ready to be collected. A stroll around the corner, another tap in the Zipcar App, and the car was unlocked and we were on the road.

We followed the Thames west and found ourselves in Richmond Park, and with the sun shining down on us, we set out on foot.  Just a matter of minutes into our trek, we spotted a few of the deer who roam freely in the park. We had no idea that there were wild deer so near the city: what a wonderful little pocket of nature nestled in the capital! Cue picturesque views, fresh air, and this guy:

Stag in Richmond Park, London

Wandering through our idyllic surroundings in a timeless daze was quickly trumped by the overwhelming sound of our growling stomachs, and lunch became the next priority of the day. With no local knowledge, we turned to Foodspottinga bit like Tinder for local eateries - and it wasn’t long before we swiped to the right for the pub meal of our dreams at The Britannia (conveniently located only a 5 minute drive from the park).

Delicious mushroom pasta at the Britannia pub, Richmond

Full to bursting and driving back towards the city, we weren’t quite ready for our day of adventure to end. Naturally, we started looking for reasons to get side-tracked and squeeze a little bit more fun out of the afternoon.  Dojo has always been a favourite for exploring the city, and a quick search in the local area didn’t disappoint. Pop Brixton - a community space that has been set up to support local start-ups - was at the top of Dojo’s list. We went for a wander through the pop-up bars, cafes and retail stores, sating our hunger once more with a delicious treat or two.

Dessert at Pop Brixton thanks to Dojo app

As the sun started to disappear below the horizon, it was time to return Zipcar Glaieul home to Chancery Lane. Lying on the couch that night, all that was left to do was make sure that everyone (including my technophobe grandparents) knew what we’d been up to that day. Using Touchnote, I selected my favourite photos of the day from my phone, created a personalised postcard and in seconds it was winging its way to their front door!

Creating a postcard with the Touchnote app

Bring on more Autumn adventures, we're ready. In the meantime, check out a video of our trip below and let us know what you think!

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