At Zipcar we’re all about doing our little bit to make the world that bit better, and the sharing economy is going a long way in reducing the impact we have on the planet (and saving us money too). Zipcar aren’t alone in this mission; meet Streetbank, an online initiative aiming to bring communities back together through sharing.

I spoke to Tess Riley, Marketing and Communications Manager at Streetbank, to tell us more about what they do.

Streetbank is the largest neighbourhood sharing website in the UK. Every day neighbours are connecting to lend and give away everything from tiny baby clothes to large pieces of furniture, spare harvest apples to high-tech IT skills, advanced baking tips to beginners' Spanish lessons.

It’s a garden shed, tool-box, fancy dress chest, skills bank, DVD library and toy-box all rolled into one.

Projects like Zipcar and Streetbank show us how easy it is to make small changes to the way we live that have big impacts – from saving money and consuming less to meeting neighbours and doing the planet a favour.

And if you’re looking for a simple way to get your neighbours together this Christmas, Streetbank Santa could be just the thing. 

Streetbank Santa is a version of secret Santa but with no shopping involved.  Instead of buying new, Streetbank Santa is all about sharing pre-loved things with your neighbours – the DVD you enjoyed but won’t watch again, the book that made you laugh out loud on the bus, the toys your children have grown out of.

Our top tip is to keep it simple – it’s a busy time of year and you don’t want to put too much on your plate (other than mince pies, of course).

So why not try it – it’s super easy and could help change the feel of the street for the whole year.

Click here for the Streetbank Santa five step plan or here for a template invitation.”

If you’ve got something you can share or give away, or you’d like to get involved, head over to the Streetbank site.

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