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Here at Zipcar, we’re always out and about, trying out all our different makes and models, and taking advantage of the open road, without the hassle of car ownership. Our colleague, Josh L. recently tried out Zipcar for an economical overnight trip, and here are his thoughts.

Josh.L“It’s nice when things just work out easier (and cheaper) than the traditional way of doing things. Recently I was visiting some family for a party. They live in a village that is about five miles away from any sort of public transport, but geographically not actually that far away from where I live. I needed to stay the night after the party, but would be leaving pretty early in the morning. I sorted through my transport options for the visit, looking at ease, convenience and cost effectiveness.

Firstly, I considered the taxi option, a flat £45, one way obviously. The train and taxi option came next, £14 single and £10 in a taxi which also left me having to come back the next day for the same fare. Cycle? I briefly flirted with this idea, but common sense got the better of me. And then, out of the blue came the idea of renting a Zipcar. After all, how much could it have been really? When I found out about the special Zipcar overnight rate I was even more surprised. At £28, not only was it cheaper than any of the other options, (and less sweaty thanks to the air con) it was far more convenient and a closer walk than the station. I was actually annoyed that I had not thought about it sooner.

So I popped into the snazzy VW Up and drove away to the family do. I actually got there earlier than I anticipated, so I scored a nice family bonus point too! It was almost too convenient. The true icing on the cake though, was bringing it back in the morning and sauntering up the road to the office thinking that I had got one over on London transport!”

Are you planning any overnight trips soon? Don’t forget that for just £28.00 Mon-Thurs, you could be getting there in style in a Zipcar, fancy air con and all! Let us know what Zip trips you’ve taken lately in the comments below.

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