London Youth

We're excited to announce a new partnership with London Youth, the capital's largest network of over 400 diverse community youth organisations! We here at Zipcar know just how important community is to a city like London, so we're thrilled to help London Youth on its mission to support and challenge young people to be the best they can be. We'll be offering any youth club within the London Youth Network a free Zipcar for Business account to help get them where they need to be, and keep London's youth moving forwards. 

London Youth have a unique reach to over 75,000 young Londoners, all of which they know to be crucially important to the city's future. They believe that a big focus should be put on investing in the potential of each and every one of these youngsters; encouraging them as leaders in their local communities, and providing opportunities for them to thrive. There's a number of great programmes run by them that cover everything from leadership skills and community renovation projects to sports participation and tackling youth crime. These all contribute to core attributes of inclusion and employability, showing a focus on making youth work have clear impact and sustainability. 

London Youth Sports Programmes (c) London Youth

While it might seem the focus is on traditional youth clubs, their member organisations range from even the smallest volunteer-led teams through to larger household name charities, all under the umbrella of using good youth work to support young people in London. Within this network is a range of members with specialist skills, with some focusing on arts or sports, while others supporting refugees or young people with mental health needs. Regardless of their focus, these members form a powerful, knowledgeable and vital network for both the young persons involved and the communities they're part of. 

London Youth Dance Programmes (c) London Youth

If you're a London youth club within the London Youth Network and could benefit from convenient, flexible and affordable transport, click here to get involved now. 


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