ISpyAZipvan Competition

There’s not much a Zipvan hasn’t done; it’s moved houses (well, the contents, not the actual house), delivered Christmas presents, carried musical instruments, picked up a zillion and one things from IKEA and that’s all before most of us are out of bed.

In May we decided it was about time we tipped our hats to the Zipvan and give it the recognition it deserves. We started off by giving our fleet of VW Transporters a brand new lick of paint, the old look was good, don’t get me wrong, but we thought we could go one better – so we made them bright green and orange and popped the word ‘Zipcar’ down the side in reflective lettering – not gonna get very far in one of these badboys without being noticed!

Next up we thought we’d get you lot involved, maybe it’s just me but I see Zipvans everywhere – in the street, when I go to IKEA, at the supermarket, when I sleep at night (not really, I mean I like Zipvans, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t like them that much). So, we asked you guys to ‘Spy A Zipvan’.

The idea was simple, take a picture of one of our vans when you spot one then Tweet it, pop it on our Facebook page or email it to us and we’ll pick one of the entries at random to win £100 to spend at IKEA (just think how many throws and cushions and oddly coloured picture frames you could get with that!).

You guys didn’t disappoint, we received tonnes of great pictures. Some were funny, some were crazy, some were just plain creepy. We picked a winner at random and in the end Sam Cook bagged the voucher. Check out his picture and some of our favourites below.




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