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Living and working in a big city like London, it’s easy to forget about the importance of your local community – especially when choosing the convenience of supermarkets over local food stores. That’s why at Zipcar we’re supporting’s #40daychallenge: shake off the supermarket and support your local high street for 40 days. And to make the challenge even more rewarding are offering shoppers a free 40 day delivery pass! is a home delivery service that champions local, independent shops by providing consumers with an online and mobile platform to order from their local shops when they can’t get to them in person. Customers place one order from lots of local shops at, each shop prepares its part of your order, then’s drivers pick up and deliver to you.

I spoke to Founder and Managing Director Marisa Leaf about Hubbub, the #40daychallenge and why we should be shopping locally.


“I started to make it as easy for people to buy from local independents as it is from supermarkets. We’ve had great success so far and our 40 day challenge is a chance to show shoppers just how easy eating well and buying locally can be. Once they've tried it for 40 days, they won’t look back!

We’ve challenged Mary Portas and No. 10 to take the challenge and would love to see Zipcar members step up and take the pledge!

Founded in 2008, currently delivers more than 4,000 products from 35 shops to over 230 postcodes across London, and has plans to expand UK-wide.

Marisa Leaf

There are plenty of reasons to shop local:

1.       Great quality food

Small shops buy from small producers so you’ll always know where your food's come from and how it’s produced.

2.       Vibrant communities

Local independent shops are the beating hearts of our communities. Every £1 you spend with them is worth £1.76 to the local economy (compared to just 10p if that same £1 was spent with a supermarket).

3.       Real food, real people

Shop in person when you can, and on when you can’t. Either way, you’ll always be buying from people who care as much as you do about your food!

Mrs Lovell's Greengrocer

If you take the #40daychallenge pledge, here are some tips to stay on the bandwagon from the team:

1.       Tip #1: Plan your weekly shop, Pop

Whether you’re making a special trip to your local shops or booking a delivery, planning is the key to keeping your cool.

How many people are you cooking dinner for and on which days this week? How much time will you have to prepare and cook – or do you need to batch cook for a few days in one go? What are you going to make for each day (get your droolsome recipe inspiration here)? Then make a list of the ingredients you need, choosing those that aren't super-perishable or hard to adapt in case your plans change.

2.       Tip #2: Buy what you need, Louise

Most small shops sell their products loose rather than pre-packaged - so you can just buy what you need. Equally, a BOGOF may look attractive but not if it GOESOFF. If our suggested portions are too big for you, just use our nifty order notes to let the shops know exactly how much you want.

3.       Tip #3: Buy seasonally, Gilly

Eating seasonally is not only better for the environment, food in season will be fresher, tastier, and more nutritious. Prices fluctuate throughout the year and are at their lowest on food in season which is in ample supply and hasn't had to travel as far. Our weekly fruit and veg boxes are good examples of this as are our fish and meat boxes – your greengrocer, fishmonger or butcher will choose whatever's seasonal and at its very best, which allows them to give you the best value too.”


Are you up for the challenge? Claim your free 40 day delivery pass here, and let us know how you’re getting on with your pledge to buy local below.

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