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If you don't know, don't worry.  In a survey conducted by YouGov for Zipcar last year, 17% of decision makers at UK SMEs don't either.

This is, potentially, a scary statistic.  According to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills, at the start of 2012 there were over 1.2 million SMEs (1-249 employees) in the UK.  So, there could be over 200,000 companies out there with no real idea how much they're spending on transport.

Now, the team here at Zipcar Towers can't pretend we have the answer for every logistical or transport question, but we did think we could lend a hand. We created the Business Cost Calculator, to enable MDs and office managers alike, to see how much travel takes place each month, and how much they could save across the year.

Zipcar for Business cost calculator - taxi, rental, public transport













With just a few inputs, telling it about your taxi and rental car usage, the calculator delivers a breakdown of savings. We also designed it so you can see how much Zipcar would be compared to the alternative.  It even spits out a handy customised report so the savings can be shared around the office.

If cutting transport costs revs your engine*, so to speak, go and check it out and let us know how much you can save in the comments section below!

* For those of you not so sure about clever cost calculating computers, enjoy Derek & Hansel's approach.  "They're in the computer?"  Zoolander, (2001)

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