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I'm Lyndsey Donald, I live in Brighton and work in Wimbledon at Zipcar as Consumer Acquisition Manager. I love holidays, travelling to warm places with sandy beaches and exotic foods. David Shrigley illustrations make me laugh, and so do the lyrics to One Direction songs. I wish I had a dog, a pug would be ideal, I just want to squish their faces when I see them. I have an uncanny knack of remembering song lyrics which is weird and sometimes a bit annoying.

Film geek/enthusiast and UK Marketing Manager for Zipcar. When I'm not convincing friends to go the cinema, I'm trying to get them in a Zipcar. I try my best not to confuse the two, but drive-in cinemas are really good.

CRM Manager at Zipcar UK. A ravenous devourer of music, politics, philosophy, history, art, culture and coffee, I spend most of my working life on e-marketing and engaging with our member base through a variety of channels and campaigns. When not in the office I can be variously found strumming guitars, tinkling ivories or tapping my fingers to whatever tune that has taken up residence in my head at that moment.  I'm also struggling with a long-term addiction to Radio 4.

I’m a Business Account Manager for Zipcar UK, and am originally from good old Stoke-on-Trent (yes, born and bred in the potteries; the same town that raised Robbie Williams and Slash - you’re welcome world!) When I’m not enabling our business members to get the most value from their membership, I love playing team sports, baking, dancing, music, theatre, films, learning the piano (slowly but surely) and watching (and attempting to write) comedy.

Head of PR at Zipcar UK, and city girl trying out life in the 'burbs.  My favourite game during a long car drive is 'Spot the Zipcar'. Unfortunately my husband says this constitutes taking my job a step too far.

I'm the Mobile & Social Marketing Manager for Zipcar EMEA, having made my way to the big smoke from the fair isle of Jersey, with stints in Durham & Berlin. Aside from tweeting my way through existence, I can be found running, cycling, climbing, playing drums & cooking. Never at the same time though - it gets messy.


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