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Head of PR at Zipcar UK, and city girl trying out life in the 'burbs.  My favourite game during a long car drive is 'Spot the Zipcar'. Unfortunately my husband says this constitutes taking my job a step too far.

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Zipcar UK’s General Manager, Mark Walker, recently spoke at a Frost & Sullivan conference, “Urban Mobility 3.0 – New Urban Mobility Business Models”.  In attendance were Transport For London (TFL), European railway operators, global car manufacturers, car club / car sharing operators (like Zipcar), start-ups (like and more besides. Here, Mark shares his perspective on the event and his vision for a more connected London.

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Hello Fresh Picnic

It might not feel like it, but summer is finally here in the UK and so whatever the weather, it’s time to get out there and celebrate. Yes, even if it’s raining.

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Frerk-Malte Feller and Mike Butcher at Le Web 2013 (Official LeWeb photos, by @Kmeron, licensed under Creative Commons)
"I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the LeWeb conference in London last week, a prestigious event set up by Loic Le Meur with many influential thought leaders of the Internet sector," Zipcar's European president Frerk-Malte Feller tells me. Read on to find out what inspired him at the event, and how Zipcar fits in to this brave new post-consumerist world.

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Zipcar Vauxhall Ampera in front of Westminster, London

Here at Zipcar, we passionately believe that car clubs are one of the best ways for you savvy urbanites to get around town. Whether it’s to make that impromptu jaunt to a stately home (you know, when you need a bit of culture), or that essential trip to Ikea, or even to get to a crucial business meeting, car clubs help make that happen. And without all the fuss and bother of owning a car full-time.

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LeWeb13 on Flickr

Sharing is in our DNA here at Zipcar. And it just so happens that the sharing economy is becoming quite the hot topic among business leaders. In fact, it’s the theme of this year’s prestigious Le Web conference, happening this week in London.

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Google Hangout

As you know, at Zipcar, we’re all about sharing. On June 5th, we’re extremely excited that Malte Feller, Zipcar’s European President, will be speaking at Le Web – only one of the most prestigious global conferences, attracting the crème de la crème of business leaders who are shaking up the way we do business today. 

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Guardian awards

Zipcar was proud to be shortlisted for The Guardian’s Sustainable Business Awards. Amy Wong, Zipcar’s Fleet Operations Supervisor, attended the ceremony, and tells me all about it.

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So, what’s a Zipstar? From the worlds of fashion, music and cookery, our members include smart, savvy individuals who are breaking the mould in their chosen field. We are proud to introduce you to the people who use our Zipcars. 

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Walk to School logo

As a mum-to-be, I am already anticipating sleepless nights and a whole new kind of tired. However, by the time the kids grow up and go off to school, I am fully expecting to be filled with renewed energy and a desire to keep in shape, not to mention keeping an eye on the pennies and reducing my fuel consumption.

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SBB Logo

We work with heaps of smart businesses (and I mean smart, aside from their use of Zipcar). Whilst our members are already saving time and money on their transport, we got thinking about the other ways today’s entrepeneurs are setting up their businesses for success. Tough economic times have produced a breed of innovators who are throwing out the ‘traditional’ ways of doing business, and re-defining the business landscape of tomorrow. Every day, we hear stories from our members that are challenging the incumbents in their sectors, by combining innovation, agility with a collaborative approach.

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