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CRM Manager at Zipcar UK. A ravenous devourer of music, politics, philosophy, history, art, culture and coffee, I spend most of my working life on e-marketing and engaging with our member base through a variety of channels and campaigns. When not in the office I can be variously found strumming guitars, tinkling ivories or tapping my fingers to whatever tune that has taken up residence in my head at that moment.  I'm also struggling with a long-term addiction to Radio 4.


At Zipcar we’re all about doing our little bit to make the world that bit better, and the sharing economy is going a long way in reducing the impact we have on the planet (and saving us money too). Zipcar aren’t alone in this mission; meet Streetbank, an online initiative aiming to bring communities back together through sharing.

I spoke to Tess Riley, Marketing and Communications Manager at Streetbank, to tell us more about what they do.

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Zipcar Fireworks

It’s that time of year again for our annual celebration of anarchy (ok, technically the defeat of an anarchist) – Guy Fawkes’ Night. So to add a little whizz and bang to your weekend I’ve rounded up the most promisingly spark-tacular firework displays going on around the capital.

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zipcar halloween

Halloween is creeping up on us (or rather announcing its impending presence rather loudly in shops and on cinema screens), so to get into the spirit (pun very much intended), I’ve hunted down the top five most spine chilling, horror inducing or just plain weirdest events to zip to this spook season.


Harry Potter Studio Tour

Leavesden, near Watford, 19th October – 3rd November, adult ticket £29

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vw transporter

No matter how long I’ve worked at Zipcar, or how often I drive them, I still shout ‘Zipvan’ whenever I spot one of these colourful bad boys zipping about town (it’s hard to stop!).

The VW Transporter is the workhorse of the Zipcar fleet; whether you’re moving house, making a delivery or have been consumed by Ikea, the Transporter will get it done.

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The petite VW Up! is a relative newcomer to the Zipcar family, joining the fleet back in March this year, but she’s fast become my new favourite city Zipcar.

She’s deceptively roomie despite her compact size, with plenty of space for your weekly shop in the boot, making her the perfect partner for zipping about town in (and she’s a very wallet-friendly £5/hour Monday-Friday).

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Golden Ticket

The Zipcar Oompa Loompas have been busy hiding special Golden Prize Tickets in Zipcars. Find one and you could win a Fitbit Flex, West End theatre tickets, and dozens of foodie and entertainment gifts (like free Pact coffee, a pair of cinema tickets, or a Hello Fresh ingredients box).

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So as I begin to play chicken with the thermostat, I fear it’s time to admit that summer (or at least the 3 weeks we had of it) is over. And with that it’s time to draw our horticultural experimentation in the Zipcar Garden to a close.

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zipcar member benefits

There are plenty of benefits to being a Zipcar member; you can drive new cars whenever you want, forget about paying for fuel, insurance and maintenance costs, and you can feel pretty good about all the green benefits. But did you know being a Zipcar member can also get you great discounts on the products and places you love, with our Member Benefits?

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Black Maple

We all like to think we’re rock stars, but Zipcar band Black Maple actually are. (From left to right) Jim, Jay, Alec and Jon, aka Black Maple, regularly draw sell-out crowds (and it’s not always just Zipcar staff!).

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Overnight Rates

Here at Zipcar, we’re always out and about, trying out all our different makes and models, and taking advantage of the open road, without the hassle of car ownership. Our colleague, Josh L. recently tried out Zipcar for an economical overnight trip, and here are his thoughts.

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