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Zipcar & AppyParking are very much alike - they want to make getting around in London easier, and ensure it's a better place to live for us all. 
Parking in London can be a nightmare, right? That’s what Dan Hubert thinks, and he’s on a mission to make it a whole lot easier for all of us. With the latest iteration of his London parking app, AppyParking (formerly Yellow Line Parking), he’s making it simpler than ever before to not only grab a hotly contested space, but actually understand what it is all those signs, lines & notices mean. 
In Dan’s own words, “it all started when I was trying to park outside the Royal Albert Hall to go to a gig. Every parking space was taken and not one car was parked on the single yellow right outside the venue.” After asking a passing traffic warden what the deal was, but left more confused after hearing the answer, Dan went on a mission to try and find out more about London parking Zone maps online. Since no digital files were available, he took on the mammoth task of personally drawing over 1600 zones across London from old PDF's to help make things a little clearer.
This valiant effort lead to the creation of AppyParking, providing one authoritative source of London parking advice and information in a simple and easy to use design. It allows drivers to see almost every Controlled Parking Zone in Greater London and helps make informed choices about parking before even arriving at a destination. With clear colour coding for unrestricted and controlled bays, off street car park locations and even alerts for special events that might affect parking, you can kiss goodbye to PCNs. Throw in cashless payment for paid bays, a handy car locator and in-app directions to a chosen location, and we honestly don’t know how we’ve survived driving in London without it. 
It seems that single yellow lines have met their match. Appy Parking is available for download on iOS devices for free, here. Let us know how you get on with London parking.
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