the bicycle film festival and Zipcar have partnered to give attendees an amazing offer

a Zipcar membership gives you another set of wheels

Zipcar is the perfect alternative to your travel needs in London. Sometimes two wheels just aren't enough. Need to move some items from your flat to storage? Don't mess with the fuss of rental when you can hire a van parked right down the street for just the few hours you need it. There are over 1700 cars and vans parked all across London, and rates start at just £5 an hour. Monthly and annual memberships are available, plus fuel, insurance and the congestion charge is included! Find your nearest.

If you join Zipcar before 31 Dec 2012, you will get entered to win a brand new Tern bike. A Tern folding bike is the perfect compliment to your Zipcar membership! Join today and be entered to win.

Not only can you cycle to your Zipcar, but you can simply fold the bike, pop it in the boot and forget about it until the end of your booking. Or, if you want to use a bike at your destination, they’re a fantastic way to stay mobile without having to compromise convenience.

Folding bikes aren't your cup of tea? Our Tourans, Transporters and Caddy Maxi vans have more than enough space to fit your full bike with the seats down, with wheels on!

how to enter

Applications must be received by 31 Dec 2012 at 5p to qualify for entry. All applicants who apply from this website and are approved from 4 Oct through 31 Dec 2012 will be entered to win. Monthly and annual memberships are valid for entry. Applicants who are approved but revoke their Zipcar membership before 31 Dec 2012 at 5p will be removed from entry to win. The winner will be notified via email on 10 Jan 2013.

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I want to join Zipcar for half price membership, receive £30 in free driving and get entered to win a Tern bike!

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